LOOP system with transitions?

hi, basically i have this “thunderstorm” going on throughout bunch of scenes, basically “light flashing”
i tried using overlays but the rending was not what i was hoping for, so i used @transition fade in/out white (ect u know the drill) and its PERFECT ; only remaining problem i would love it if i could loop the transitions throughout the scenes, so the thunder could appear without me going back and forth adding it one by one. i did try looping it like u would usually do with overlays but for obvious reasons it did not work. tbh i dont really know if i can loop transitions i feel like ill have to not b lazy n add them anyways between script line


I’ve got a suggestion, but I don’t know if this would work… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I know overlays can be looped, so maybe you could upload a white background (as an overlay) that fits your background panel and make its opacity flash on and off (imitating lighting) on a infinity loop?

thats exactly what i did before the rendering was not exactly as great… I might try again with fading in and out the overlays might work better that way

You wouldn’t be able to loop transitions because you need to use ampersands to loop commands in the first place. Transition commands only work with the @ symbol.

Oops. Sorry. :slightly_smiling_face::sob::sob:

don’t worry thanks tho !!

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bummer :frowning: at least i got my reply thx !

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