Loop (until trigger)

Is there a code that allows us to loop overlays/animations until the reader stops it?

&ovelay X shifts to THEN overlay Y shifts to THEN overlay X shifts to (loop until trigger)

Is this possible for lets say it loops until the reader taps a button or selects a choice etc?



Where do you want to place the overlays after it stopped, a predefined place? Or you want to calculate where the overlays end up?

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I want it to calculate, I’m making it so it shuffles and the reader will get a random selection depending on whats on the top layer.

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I was thinking of keeping a variable in it which changes with an overlay, but I don’t think it’s possible to adjust a variable in a loop?

Variable which is a character, but when overlay_x changes to position 1, the character changes to value 1 etc

You could use tappable overlays, each card is in a loop so they are only on-screen for a certain amount of time and off-screen for the rest (so they don’t overlap).
Alternately, of you’ve already created the card loop, you could use “invisible” tappable overlays that cover the entire screen. One for each card and loop them on and off screen in time with the cards looping.

Once one of them is tapped, remove all looping overlays (since an infinitely looping overlay never ends), then just display the card they tapped on or whatever happens next in your story.

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