Looping a rotating overlay

There’s a lot of people on here that seem to be confused as to why the rotating overlay doesn’t work, and instead of thinking of it as broken, I think this might help people understand it better.

When you’re shifting an overlay, it moves to the one spot. If you try to loop it, it doesn’t make sense with one direction command. So, when you rotate an overlay, it doesn’t make sense that it would rotate again and again without a second command.

Let me explain further:

You have 360 degrees on a circle. Imagine each of these degrees is a point that the overlay can line up with. Like below:

By default, your overlays start at point 0.
If you use the command @overlay OVERLAY rotates 360 anchor point x y in s,
That point will then move to 360. So, if you try to have your overlay go to point 360 again in a loop, it won’t move… because it’s already there.

This is why you have to add a second command to take the overlay back to point 0, which is conveniently, also the same position that point 360 is in.

Therefore, your rotating looping command will have to be:
&overlay OVERLAY rotates 360 anchor point x y in 1 then overlay rotates 0 anchor point x y in 0 loop x times

Of course, this has probably already been explained a lot of times but I don’t think anyone’s said how yet. I know that once I understand how something works, it’s easier to put into stories instead of thinking it’s a broken command and it just doesn’t work with rotating overlays.


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Hi I’m struggling with rotating overlays. I want to rotate my boxing bag the frent and then back but this is what is happening :frowning:

You need to use an anchor point. This is where your overlay will rotate around.
Put the anchor point where the chains would be connected to the ceiling.

When you rotate it, make sure you shift it to the spot you want it to be in at the same time using the & instead of @.

Thank you I solved my problem :slight_smile:

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