Looping background for car scene help!

Hi! I was wondering if someone could help me with a looping background while my characters are in the car.
Here is my script:
sound car_running_lp
&zoom reset
&overlay WHITE LAMBO create
&overlay WHITE LAMBO shifts to 234 -414 in zone 2
&overlay WHITE LAMBO scales to -2.272 2.272
&overlay WHITE LAMBO moves to layer 5
&overlay WHITE LAMBO opacity 1
@ZANDER spot 0.866 223 27 in zone 1
@ZANDER moves to layer 1 and ZANDER faces right
@AVERI spot 0.884 145 15 in zone 1
@AVERI moves to layer 2 and AVERI faces right
@transition fade in white

I recommend checking out Dara Amarie’s templates on looping ovelays:

Here’s a looping background guide:

some of the episode backgrounds have the loop in name but actually do not work - this is as it seems one of them.
So you havent done anything wrong.
So either use another working episode BG or change this one to overlay and make your own looping BG using the instruction in daras web page as you got the link above.

Just a note - I reccomand you to use & instead of @ for all lines above the transition commans to avoid glitches

Ok thank you so much!! @Farah_DeSantis

Ok thank you I appreciate it! @talina.writes

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Thanks so much it works now!! @schittwriter

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No problem!

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