Looping background help!

So I’m trying to make my own loop but it wont work. what am i doing wrong?

INT. WHTIE with TRAIN at layer 1 with SKYLINE at layer -1 with LUGGAGE to 0.496 201 -13 at layer 5 with BACKPACK to 0.200 92 50 at layer 5 with BAG to 0.658 -5 -7 at layer 7 with SKYLINE at layer -2
&VIMUM spot 0.967 259 95 and VIMUM faces left and VIMUM is idle_sit_ankles_crossed
&LIGHTVI spot 0.962  68 108 and LIGHTVI faces right and LIGHTVI is idle_sit_slouch and LIGHTVI moves to layer 6
&overlay SKYLINE shifts to 20 70 THEN overlay SKYLINE shifts to -100 75 in 0.3 loop INFINITE times
@LIGHTVI changes into Vi outfit 4
@VIMUM changes into Vi mum 3

@Januva I think that you can’t make your own loop but ask a certified member or search up “How to put my own loop background on episode”

Check out my thread:

and double check your coordinates and timing

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That’s what I used to help me :laughing: I’m using the train bf from episode (not juvie) and the window bit is transparent


did you try to change coordinates?


aH. what should I change it to? Btw I don’t think it’s that it needs to be behind

Try coordinates from my thread and my example maybe.
If you need this to be behind change the layer

ive been trying but it wont work?

the layer you mean? or coordinates?


Send me your train overlay and your skyline overlay on PM, I’ll have a look.

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