Looping not working!

I did everything Joseph said in his video of looping backgrounds but still, this is my situation:
This is the overlay I’m using as background:

And this is my script:

And either way, what appears in the preview is this:
Anotación 2019-12-30 181323
I mean, it’s looping, because it’s moving, but… It’s so blurry, it dosen’t even look like a stone wall.
Help please, I’m going crazy!



:thinking: Does it change if you use a background other than INT. BLACK - NIGHT ? INT. BLACK - NIGHT is evil. I can’t explain why it’s evil, it just is. :woman_shrugging:

Try with, say, EXT. ABANDONED HOME - DAY , and see if anything changes. :+1:

It kinda worked… I mean, now the overlay actually appears, but it shiftes from place to place,and it minimazes itself so it doesn’t cover all the screen… Idk if I’m explaining myself, I have it on video but I can’t share it via episode form…

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:thinking: Hmmmm…

Unless Episode shrunk the background to put it in this post, it looks too small. The height should be 1136, idk the exact width. Joseph Evans method requires it to be 4 zones wide with zones 1 and 4 identical, and Dara’s method requires it to be 3 zones wide, with the left side of zone 1 meshing with the right side of zone 3.

It is the right size, but idk why episode it’s pushing the overlay down…

:thinking: Very strange… Maybe Episode shrunk it when they uploaded due to file size or something. Does scaling it help, so that it covers the top? Maybe “scales to 2.0 2.0” ?

Also, I don’t think this is your issue, but is there zoom left over from a previous scene? It looks zoomed in.

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IT WORKED! I scaleted to 3.0 3.0 and now it works!
Thanks a lot, for your time, effort… Everything, thanks!

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