Looping overlay gap

So I am facing a problem which I don’t understand.

I have a vertically looping background - and in the portal, all looks right - the overlays do perfectly fallow one after another.

But when I preview it in the app there is visible a gap between the overlays.

I use it with 2 speeds in my story and the gap is smaller with the slower speed…

My brain is not getting what might be the reason especially when in the portal it works absolutely perfect.

It’s a vertical loop and I am actually the author of this method but now it seems not to work right in the app and I am confused like hell.

It looks like if the app reads the size of the overlay differently than the portal? I also do not understand how the speed how it moves from one position to another can have an influence on the size of the gap…

so does anybody see a problem in my tutorial?

I don’t have an answer for your problem, but I am using a looping animation in a minigame and the overlays sometimes change positions. It’s like one of them starts going slower so the gaps between the overlay before and the one after are different
So I don’t think it’s a problem of your code, but of the portal in general

if it would not work in the portal then I would know I did a mistake - bud the portal shows it absolutely perfect exactly as I have counted it…so yes maybe the app reads it differently - but I never experienced this problem when I was using @Dara.Amarie method for looping horizontal - so I still think there might be something I can change…but I have no idea what… :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

It’s in a chapter which I am about to publish right now and I don’t want to publish it with this. :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face:

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If you can’t find a solution maybe you can make the overlays overlap a bit? so that when they shift, even if they move, the gap won’t be there?

I decided to write a ticket - we will see if they will have an answer to why it looks different in the portal and in the app.

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@Elaina2 - if you by any chance know what I have done wrong in the code let me know. :slight_smile:

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I don’t really know how to explain what “I think” would cause this but basically I think it has to do with the shifts in 0 parts not matching so the timing becomes a little off after the first loop, so maybe try this instead :relaxed::

&overlay SKY shifts to 0 568 in 2 THEN overlay SKY shifts to 0 -1136 in 0 THEN overlay SKY shifts to 0 -1136 in 2 THEN overlay SKY shifts to 0 -568 in 2 THEN overlay SKY shifts to 0 -568 in 0 then overlay SKY shifts to 0 0 in 2 loop infinite times

&overlay SKY_02 shifts to 0 -568 in 2 THEN overlay SKY_02 shifts to 0 -568 in 0 then overlay SKY_02 shifts to 0 0 in 2 THEN overlay SKY_02 shifts to 0 568 in 2 THEN overlay SKY_02 shifts to 0 -1136 in 0 THEN overlay SKY_02 shifts to 0 -1136 in 2 loop infinite times

also the last bit of the coding looks like a possible typo: “overlay SKY_02 shifts to 0 -1134 in 2 loop infinite times”, maybe that also contributes a little gap, unless that was intentional. :woman_shrugging:t3: :crazy_face:

I also noticed the same thing when I tried to code looped backgrounds before, that in the portal it looks perfect but in the app it would have a little slither gap so it was just being able to time it on point but yours is timed great, I think it’s just the shifts in 0 adds a slight little pause which as you know needs to be there so it doesn’t slide over the screen but also this little pause then needs to be accounted for in the code for the duplicated overlay at the same moment, I think. So all I did was add in 2 more shifts in 0, one for Sky and one for sky02 to your codes.

I wll definitly test it after I will get back from work!

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Thank you - I did it little bit different but used your sugenstion and it works now!!! :man_dancing: :man_dancing: :man_dancing: :man_dancing:

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Lol yaaaasss! :metal2: glad you got it figured out!

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