Looping Tappable Overlays?

I’m trying to make a point and click scenario for my story with tappable overlays. However, once i tap on an overlay it moves on. How do i loop it back to the start? I tried using labels, but i cant use it because its inside a choice.


I suggest you to watch Joseph Evans’ video on YouTube. If I’m not wrong it’s called “Tappable overlays”. It saved my life!!

i already watched it, it mentions nothing about looping ;/

I’m guessing you’ll have to write another “tappable” choice exactly like you wrote for the first one… so just a copy and paste?

Wish I could help more-- haven’t actually done this yet myself! :blush:

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alright guys i have found a solution to looping tappable overlays within a choice (technically)!!

goto label
“blah blah”{
goto label
This way when you tap you can loop back to your tappables.

Question: will this continually loop back to the tappable choice then, or is there a way to get out of it once you need to continue the story? :thinking: Assuming you want to continue to something else :smiley:

depends on what youre doing with your tappable, for my story, once my reader taps on a specific tappable overlay, i will not put “goto label” on that overlay and instead continue the scene.

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Ah, okay that makes sense :blush:

Best luck with your story writing :blush::heart:

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