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You’re very welcome :two_hearts:


@Hala9 I’ve changed my mind since I realised his eyes must be black and the cover wouldn’t make sense.

Could you something liek this?

But make him hold the flashlight more up so the light blocks the player’s view of the character’s face, like this?

And the background should be dark, the viewer should not know where the character is in thsi photo, the lgiht from the flaslight only clearing up a bit , which is not enough to recognize if the background is at the woods or somewhere indoors.

I know you all know this is a road becuse of the car lights, but imagine if that wasn’t car lights but a flashlight … Then you wouldn’t know if the picture showed a road or something else.


I would love to edit my post to include this but that was taken from me by the staff :angry:

Something like this photo


Ahh i get it now! You want mystery right? And he’s holding a flash light?


Yes … It’s a crimi story but mysterious will do perfect :slight_smile:


Alright I’ll do my best :two_hearts:


Large or small cover?!


Could you do both? Just resized to fit the other cover too


Sure but what’s the other cover?
And which one is large and small


No I meant i need both covers to be the same just size should be different to fit the different covers.


Okay i get it , it won’t be late




I freaking love it! When do you re- open? :sweat_smile:


Thank you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I really don’t know :frowning:
You can leave your request when I’m done from my requests I’ll take it :heartbeat:




@Hala9 did I forget to mention the character is black? So can you make his hands dark skinned?

Skin color is Rose 10


Well I’m a bit confused if you want it as the pictures you sent this means the skin color won’t be shown :thinking:


Yes the face will be blocked out but the hands or just enough of the face to see color Will be shown. In the picture I send separately you can obviously see he’s white but can’t see his face. That’d when I realised I should probably tell you to make him black.


Oh i get it now
Okay sure great idea


Hi zoey❤️
Finished your edit hope you like it :two_hearts: