Loosing interest

Hi! So whenever i get a good story idea, i write it down and began to prepare creating it. Then I’ll see something else and think that’s a better idea, then I will stop the story all together.

It’s so stressful and I can never focus on one idea, suggestions?


Girl I do the exact same. Why not combine it.


SAME :disappointed_relieved:

Write them all down. Put them in order of which interests you the most and which you feel like you can actually write. Plot out fully the one you like and make detailed character profiles, episode plots and anything else you’ll need to write. Next, start writing. Think I’m just going to write the next 100 lines, or I’m going to write the next episode. Soon you’ll be a few episodes in.


Before I stuck to my main story, I had about 2 stories that I was about 2-5 episodes in, then lost interest because the plot wasn’t going anymwhere (and was also just practing coding). I stuck on my 3rd story, there was more too it then the others so more material, cause I struggle with creating a long story (how do ppl do that ;-; I began writing out chapters and it was easier than I thought. It all begins to flow and it’s really fun getting far in a story that you’re coding :smile:. Just gotta choose the idea you like best.


This is a pretty interesting strategy. I’d try this for certain ^^

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I have the same exact issue!!!

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@k6tty You’re not alone :sleepy:
Personally, when I get a good story idea, I always write it down, do some research, and then I let a few days pass before I start the actual planning/writing. I do this because sometimes I lose interest in the idea, or I discover a plot hole I haven’t thought of.
I’m not sure I answered your question, but I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Don’t stress out about it!!

The great thing about writing is that an idea that you love but lose interest in usually just needs to sit in the back of your head for a while while you develop it to something you obsess over! Or, as another suggested, you might combine it with another idea. You might have an idea about a high school romance and then another idea about a family drama mystery and end up combining aspect of both of those to create a story you absolutely love.

Just keep writing. Don’t be afraid of writing a ton and then deleting it - everything you write will develop an idea, one way or another. You can start a hundred projects and that’s completely fine. You’ll eventually find one that deserves your attention the most!

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