Lorelei, Coming Soon

hey friends! i just wanted to make a little post about the story i’m currently writing! i don’t have a set date on when it will be published yet, because i’m still working on the outline, characters, and details of the plot. the only thing i have coded is the beginning of part one, when the reader does all the customisation business. but i will let you all know when i have a publish date decided, so check back often if you’re interested :))

the story is called Lorelei



Eleanor’s sister died four years ago when a disastrous fire destroyed their childhood home. But as the past begins to unravel, she learns the truth about that fateful night.


this story will have limited customisation for Eleanor, i’m sorry but sometimes i just have a vision in my head that i want to stick to…, but you get to fully customise her love interest!
you also get to decide if the love interest is male or female. im gonna have a lot of coding to do…thank god for script templates HAHAHA


your choices matter! some of them don’t, and will result in the same outcome. but there are many choices you will make that do matter, and effect the plot of the story. i will make it clear, though, when you encounter a choice that matters so that you are prepared.
i’m planning on adding timed choices as well. i just think that they add variety to stories, you know? instead of having the same kinds of choices all the time, and becoming kind of repetitive, adding timed choices will switch it up every once in a while. plus, i just think it’s another great way to keep the reader involved!

main plot

the main focus of the story is Eleanor, her sister, and the mystery surrounding what had happened the night she died. this is not mainly a romance story. although there is a love interest, i’m going to make that part of the story more of a subplot. i just feel like there are so many stories that focus on getting the guy instead of the actual characters as individuals. i think it’s important to recognise that when you are in a relationship, you are still your own person with different hopes, dreams, traits, and experiences. love, while it is amazing, isn’t the only purpose in life. don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with romance! i read many of those stories myself. i just don’t want romance to overpower the main theme and plot of my story, you know?


i haven’t quite figured out how many parts there will be, but it’s definitely not going to be a short story. i want it to be long, but not too long. let me know the amount of parts you guys prefer when reading!
i’ve thought about maybe making a sequel too…hehe

multiple endings?

i have been contemplating whether or not to have alternate endings. i think stories with multiple endings are really nice and it truly gives the reader a say in the direction that the story goes. but this is still undecided. lemme know what you guys think!

that’s all for now! thanks for reading this far :)) i can’t believe i said that this would be a “small little post” i can’t wait to publish the first few parts and hear what people think about it. i think it’s going to be really good :pleading_face:


This sounds like it’ll be good!

If you need a proofreader or anything else, let me know.

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Hello If you don’t mind me asking can you do a cover for me because I started writing but I need a cover to publish…