Lorston High RP Sign ups


Lorston High School

Welcome to Lorston High school. Lorston is the community’s average high school that is filled with its own share of drama.

The enrollments are open for Everyone and it’s easy to be accepted.

Not only that, Lorston High School offers many opportunities. Students can choose a variety of extracurricular subjects to learn throughout the year such as Music, Drama, Sport, Science, Digital Technologies, Woodwork and many more!

But of course Lorston isn’t perfect, it has its own share of drama among the students.

Just like school, Drama begins, Friendships starts, romance blooms and enemies are made.

Once again, I welcome you to Lorston High!


  • In this rp, all the characters are in Senior year (Grade 12).

  • Teachers won’t play a big part in the rp, but I will play the Principle

  • You are permitted the maximum of 3 characters.

  • Swearing is allowed, but please blur the words

  • Stick to your character’s timetable

  • BE ACTIVE!!! If you aren’t active for more than 5 days, I will put your character/s up for adoption. (If you won’t be active for a period of time, Pm me so I’ll know)

  • I’ll tell you when the bell rings and when to move to the next class.

  • sex scenes are allowed. Just please, not too detailed.

  • If you aren’t writing in character use ORP or OOC. But please keep conversations on the Sign up thread.

  • If you want to cause drama between the characters, please suggest the idea to the other RPers and plan it out with them.

  • Don’t control other characters that don’t belong to you.

  • This whole rp won’t be completely set at the school, there will be times where your character can do things after school.

  • Add Drama!

  • HAVE FUN!!

Please note that I don’t live in the same Timezone as most of you, so I will need a very active person to help me manage the rp and ring the bells etc. If you would like to help manage this rp, please pm me!


Sign up forms: https://goo.gl/forms/OruY0vhvH1Qi5fSr2

Subject selection: https://goo.gl/forms/0tz9kNrZEMavCCis1

Plot suggestions: https://goo.gl/forms/COmEgbwyN8iEVimh2

Faceclaims: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oxXwk7-V0O6cC8nmPBd52Y1m2NaVGACd_r1T6zNd79w/edit?usp=sharing

People Interested

People interested: @Queen_faith, @wildstyle103, @SilverStar, @Riverian, @EmilyTheWitch




Reserve for one female please




Reserve male




Reserve for 1 female


Reserve for one female.


Reserve one female.




Signed up!


Thanks everyone for signing up!!
At the moment we have only 1 boy and 7 girls. So, it would be great if you guys can submit more males!!
And also, Faceclaims have been added to the list of links!


I’ll submit a male!


I can submit a male as well


My name is wrong in the faceclaims is supposed to be baywatch not bayqatch
Kalani Baywatch


Ok. I’ll fix that. (Bayqatch is how you spelt it in the sign up form)


Oops sorry I must’ve messed up my mistake


That’s fine


Male Character submitted


Where is the rp thread?