Lorston High RP Sign ups



Mia Coleman.


Bumpity-bump :heart:


Hey @oorgeloop, is this still going?

I’m not usually a fan of high school RPs, but yeah … I’m really bored at the moment. So, is it still going, so should I make characters?
Also, are you still looking for an active person to help you manage this?


Is the rp thread ready?


i submitted can i join


sorry can I drop out? I’m in way to many rps


@Coolepisodes - not yet, It will be soon!
@Crystal11 - Yep, you can still join! I’ll update your faceclaims this arvo
@Kate_Potter - ok, i understand, I’ll put your character up for adoption
@CrazyCaliope- Your help would be of great use!! Thanks!!


Did I sign up?


:wink: PM me about how I can be of assistance and I’ll see what I can do.


@Crystal11 - In your sign ups, you have described what Amanda looks like. Can you please send me her faceclaim
Thanks :slight_smile:


k in a min


here |186px;x272px; Does it match?


yes. Thanks!!


Just signed up!




Is this still going?






Can I reserve ?