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CLOSED - i am NOT taking requests!!

(closed 4/10)

woahh hey - i guess it’s about time i caught up with the new forums. some might remember me from the old forums (also as losersam); i had a cover art thread there, but haven’t had the time to create a new one until now. i’m definitely no professional, but i have about a year’s worth of experience making covers !! i use adobe photoshop cc 2017.


※ - MY COVER ART THREAD IS NOT MY FIRST PRIORITY IN LIFE. this means i am only willing to take 3-5 requests at one time before closing my thread - i do covers on a first-come, first-serve basis. by requesting cover art from me, you are acknowledging that you are willing to wait a while for your covers.
if you need covers by a certain date (ex. contest deadline) please let me know and i will make your covers higher priority.

※ - PLEASE BE KIND TO ME AND OTHERS ON THE THREAD. this means requesting and making inquiries politely, being kind to other patrons, etc. i’m as human as you and being rude to me doesn’t get your covers made :^(

※ - I PUT DEDICATION INTO MY COVERS. when you get covers from me you get hours of work on my behalf !! if you aren’t even going to use my covers, don’t request.

ʰᶦ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᵖᵃˢˢʷᵒʳᵈ ᶦˢ “ᵇᵘᵐᵇˡᵉᵇᵉᵉ”

※ - REQUESTING FROM MULTIPLE THREADS. uhh yeah so i actually do check whether or not you’ve requested from other threads (due to the rule above). unless you have a valid reason as to why you’ve put in a request for multiple threads, your request will be denied.

※ - FORM GUIDELINES. please don’t just write “surprise me!!!” or “lol idk work ya magic girll” when you fill out what you’d like your cover to look like. i need at least a basic idea to work with, even just the smallest thing like a color scheme. also, because it’s aesthetically more pleasing and better to work with, please try to limit the amount of characters you’d like in your cover to 5 maximum!!


no requests!! i am closed at the moment

1. Forum username:
2. What’s the password?:
3. Is your story published?:
4. What cover sizes do you want? (small/large/both):
5. What is your author name? (name you want on the cover):
6. What is the title of your story?:
7. Is there a tagline for your story? If yes, what is the tagline?:
8. What is your story description/summary?:
9. What genres are your story?:
10. Describe any ideas you have for your cover! (ex. character placement, mood of the cover, background, etc.):
11. Do you want characters on your cover? If so, attach pictures of your characters (if you don’t know how, here’s a tutorial)

once you have submitted your request, i will notify you by comment whether or not your request has been accepted. if your request has been rejected or you’d like to see what your place is in the queue, please check here.


※ - Behance portfolio !!


oo i’ll be here when you’re ready for requests :slight_smile:


This thread is gonna fill up, trust me.
(just realized that today is my anniversary, woohoo!)


wOO yay, anniversary like wedding?


waitwait, anniversary on the forums.
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No, my forums anniversary! (imagine if it was my wedding anniversary, though…)


Omg your example te just… amazing. :o


thank you!!! :purple_heart:


Your examples in the folder are so cool! :hugs:


Sent you a PM. :wink:


thank you!! :heartbeat:


@granolias your cover request is ready! i tried my best to follow through with what you said while adding my own twists; if anything isn’t as you visualized, don’t hesitate to ask me to make changes!! this was a super fun cover to do, especially the large cover with the characters hanging down ahahha (edit 4/9 - added author name per request @granolias)


Oh my gosh, this cover is everything that I imagined! You got it better than I was expecting and you touched up their faces/clothes a bit, thank you so much! :sob: I’m so glad you had fun with this cover as I’m having fun writing the story. What should I credit you as in my story? (I’ve automatically uploaded theses covers to the portal as well. :heart_eyes:)

@losersam Thank you for the little addition, I appreciate it!


Yours covers are so amazing! I’m gonna send you a PM SO fast :heart_eyes:


Hey, I love your covers :heart_eyes::heart:

I’m gonna send you a PM :slight_smile:


Omg it’s amazing.


Very nice, clean lines.
Creative and well executed.
I see you :ok_hand:t3:


could u possibly create a cover for me?


:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: as for credit, you can just say “@losersam on the forums” or something similar - i don’t really mind!!


thank you!! :revolving_hearts: