Losing followers?

I’m confused. This morning I had 1.9k and when I checked now I have 1.1k. What the heck! How could this happen? Does somebody know WHY?


usually, the app kinda freaks out maybe, or its just tht ppl un followed you. But mainly I would say tht the app is kinda freaking out or glitching.

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It could be that it was in the 90s as 1098 followers and since you hit the 100s it now 1100 if that makes sense.


maybe it’s that. thanks. i dont think people unfollowed since there was no reason to and i actually just released a new story! haha


You’re welcome. :grin:

@Maria.StoryWritter is right. This is the same case with the number of your story views: if you have 1010 reads the app will show 1.1K then 1.2K for 1020 views and after 1.9K the next stage is 1.1K again. It seems the app is not able to interpret zeros.


lol like i’m ever going to get over 1k reads😂i have 2 stories, over 1k followers, but only like 70 total reads hahaha

Well yeah, it takes time to get to 1K reads, but never say never :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m actually the opposite: I have some thousands of reads on my stories, but I don’t think I would ever reach 1K followers :smile:

Lol! It’s super easy to gain followers, btw! Just follow tons of people. I’m following like 5k accounts, and believe it or not I gained 1k followers in 3 days! Pretty crazy, huh? :smiley: