Losing motivation to write


I rlly don’t know what topic this should go under so my apologies in advance. Lately, I’ve literally had no motivation to write, it’s not even like the writing part, it’s more so the directing. Directing is SOO time consuming, and often for me, extremely boring. I want my directing to be top notch for my first story, so I try to make it as good as possible, not to mention, I am definitely a huge perfectionist. But, it’s just so difficult and I often find myself taking couple hour long breaks in between writing because I just can’t stay focused for long periods of time. I’m on summer break now and I told myself I would write a lot since I have the free time, but I think I’ve actually written LESS then when I was in school. Does anyone maybe have any tips for straying motivated even when directing and writing gets boring and uninteresting?


I’ll say take a break for a while and find an inspiration from another story that has good directing and find that to build on motivation or you could meditate and think of a story


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Same here. Do you know what to do? Give yourself a break. Jump on your bed, put Netflix on, replay the Kissing Booth for the millionth time. Do you know why? Because you’re going to come back remembering what you started Episode for, and how much you missed it. :heart:


Thank you for the advice.


No problem I’m glad to help


True true. It’s just every time i try to take a break, i constantly feel the urge to keep writing. Then, once i start writing, i want to stop and take a break. It’s so confusing.


Honestly, I made a topic just like this. I know it gets difficult to stay motivated but just think about how many readers you’ll be making happy and how your story will have an impact on dozens of people. I’m not saying you should force yourself to write (because writing should never feel boring) but I’m saying maybe think about how you react when you see an amazing author come out with an amazing story, it’s a great feeling, so why not give that exact great feeling to your readers!


Here’s an idea, put your summer playlist on and do some fast upbeat songs, this makes time fly past. :heart:


Yaaaas this helps so much, this always works for me!


I’ve been reading some stories that i rlly enjoy lately and after reading them i want to write, but once i do, i start thinking that my story will never be as good as theres, nobody will want to read it, it’s boring, etc etc. i really just have no motivation atm.


I’ll definitely try that. Thx


Girl take a break … that’s the best thing because we all know forcing out stuff will never be as good as if we want to do it :revolving_hearts: just take sometime to regroup and just leave writing for a bit :revolving_hearts: I’m sure your readers will understand! :revolving_hearts: love ya x


It sounds like you’re burnt out and in need of a break. If I were you, I’d just log off for however long it takes you to find your inspiration again. I go through this literally every month and it’s the worst feeling ever, but I allow myself to take a breather. There’s no point in forcing something that isn’t there, you know? I find that doing that makes things worse.
Try not to get too discouraged or upset with yourself. Almost every writer experiences what you’re going through. It doesn’t mean that you’re “broken” or a “bad” writer, it just means that you’re human. :two_hearts:
This too shall pass.


This sounds cliche but they were probably thinking the same as you at one point. I really doubt any of them were like “My story is definitely gonna be in the featured section and it’s for sure gonna have over 1 million reads. I just know it!” And besides, your story doesn’t have to be as good as theirs, it can be good in its own way. And when you start to write and you’re feeling unmotivated, just like @Shani_Theo said, listen to some music. It’s amzing how much that helps!


That’s so true, it’s just hard for me to take long breaks cause i constantly think, “i could’ve had so much more written by now,” or that I’m “wasting time” by doing other things besides writing.


Tysm, i think I’m going to possibly watch a movie to get some inspiration and listen to some music.


Definitely, i seem to forget that the “popular” writers are regular ppl just like the rest of us. I’m going to take a break from writing, maybe a couple days, a couple weeks? As long as it takes, i guess.


I’ve never told anyone this, but my break has been for over 4 months :joy: that’s just to prove that it doesn’t matter how long your break is.


True true, i took a 3 month break once and even completely forgot about my story tbh. But, ever since i’ve started writing again, i just don’t seem to wanna give myself a break. Hearing this advice has definitely helped a lot, though. :purple_heart: