Losing motivation to write


Hey everyone feels like this from time to time! I’ve only written 6 episodes of my first story and I’m already drained! It’s hard thinking of ideas or getting the directing done properly. All you need to do is be in the mindset, and if ur not, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you’ll never write again! You just need a break.

I don’t like to take long breaks because episode feels like a commitment once you’ve published the first 3 episodes of a story. So what I do is think of something dramatic or engaging to put into each chapter. So that I don’t get bored writing it. I like to add many small plot twists, or one big one to each chapter to motivate me to write it. Because I don’t plan out my story, I just write what comes to mind so it’s like reading the story from the reader’s perspective whenever I’m directing because it’s all improvisation really.

I know some people plan their stories intricately so my advice might be crap, but if it helped you then I’m really glad lol :joy: good luck!


Another thing I like to do is write a new story. I know you might feel committed to the first one, and ur not going to stop it, but writing a fresh story even if it’s bad or a little goofy and u don’t expect to publish it will help you refresh your mind . It’s what I do and it helps :upside_down_face:


Ok, if it’s directing that’s turning you off, just keep writing the dialogue for the time being, until you feel in the right mood to add in the directing. I do that with sounds, because I find it so time-consuming to put in music and stuff, so I write 4 or 5 episodes and then when I’m feeling ambitious, I go back and add in the sounds for all 4-5 episodes at once. Maybe you could do the same thing for directing?


YES! I do the same thing, only instead of writing stories, I just write random scenes :sweat_smile: It definitely helps!


Glad I’m not alone in my crazy ways to cope ! :nerd_face::joy:


Hey, it’s not crazy if it works!!! :crazy_face: :rofl:


I can relate so much to this lmao. What I usually do, besides obviously taking a break and enjoying myself, is put some background music (there’s some amazing playlists on Youtube that are especially for writing/studying!) and/or focus on other aspect of the story. This includes covers, finding backgrounds, editing characters, creating outfits, brainstorming or just concentrating on another story (maybe one that has simpler directing).


Yeah when I create cool outfits it motivates me to write coz I want to use them in scenes! :joy:


I do generally the same thing, and I find it to really help. It’s kind of like making a rough draft. And when you’re motivated, go back and tweak the dialogue, do directing, all of that. I find it helps. Otherwise, when you aren’t motivated, doing the directing really can turn you off. It’s incredibly time consuming. And when you’re photoshopping your own backgrounds and stuff? Oh boy…

Yeah, @meadowh I recommend doing this. Write the dialogue out for the scenes. Then, when you’re motivated, go back and do all the directing and stuff. I’ve found it to help a lot.


You can always switch to spotlight when you don’t feel like directing, or write down spot codes for backgrounds so that it’s easily accessible in the future. Usually what helps me is imagining how I’d like the scene to go and challenging myself to try my best to achieve it. I personally like to direct little by little when I feel like I have more energy and motivation to spare but find what works for you!


I do the same, I only write when I feel like it- cuz I can’t write when I’m bored. When I get fed up with the directing I focus on the story part of it- I figure out any scenes I need to do and write them down beforehand.


I feel the same way sometimes. And when that happens I mentally slap myself in the face because with that logic I will never have a million reads or any type of story out there at all! I take a ton of breaks and write when I can- but when I do write, I think of all the people who’ll like the story, and all the work I’m getting done- and how I’m getting better and better by trying to put something out there.


yes omg I’m not the only one I haven’t touched my story for like a week now I have everything I wanna right and all my ideas in this chapter I just have no motivation with it