Losing Motivation ☹


i don’t normally do this but I’m kinda losing motivation in writing. i entered the swy contest and i made it to the deadline! i was so excited; i enjoyed writing, coding, making the plot, the characters (daniel is bae, lol). but after seeing how my story is progressing, this sorta disheartened me.

mind you, I’m in school and i do have a job. so i literally only had about 45 minutes in weekdays and about 3 hours in the weekends to code (which is not a lot at all). basically what I’m saying is, I’ve spent so many hours of my tight free time creating swy:glee or flee? and i’m upset of all the rankings, reads, etc. is turning out. this is making me not want to write & code anymore.

if you have tips on how to gain my motivation back, do share it with me! it’ll be very appreciated. i love writing! it’s my favorite hobby but at the same time, i want to get reads in my story so my story won’t be empty, full of dusts.

if you want to check my story out: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5402657129168896


Hey ciaraxoxoc,

I totally understand what you mean. Lately I go through a similar situation. But I continue writing, because I love to write.
Tips: take breaks, do something else (focus on school or your work), start writing another story, don’t hesitate to ask for help (at other authors) and especially don’t give up writing.
If you need some other help, you can contact me over here on the forum or on Instagram @angelwings_1983
Especially, don’t let yourself down by haters (not so nice fan mails) or a lower/higher place on ranks. You’re writing, because you love to write and not because of 1 person that ‘doesn’t like’ your story. Every author starts with zero readers, even the ‘popular’ ones. :wink:

Love A-W


I totally understand you girl, I am currently in the situation. All I can say is if you have a deep passion about writing, You would be able to find time in your day to write and feel good about it, But not a lot of people (like you) have the time but are passionate about it.

I would suggest you to take a break, focus on school, work, and your health. Honestly, I don’t think there’s ever going to be a time where you’re going to be ready or have enough time. Right now, you have to work and study and attend school, But after school or uni, You’re going to have to get a job and work and pay taxes and all the adult stuff. So you’re going to have enough time for coding if you are in a good state of health and mind, You’re going to be extra motivated and have inspirational ideas.

Just keep in mind, don’t let yourself down by haters (not so nice fan mails and dm’s) or a lower/higher place on ranks. You’re writing, because you love to write and not because of 1 person that ‘doesn’t like’ your story. Every author starts with zero readers, even the ‘popular’ ones

If you are feeling you can’t write good plots and all, Just gain experience. Watch movies and read books and epi stories related to the genre in which you are writing, Ex- If you are writing a rom-com, Watch movies in that genre.


I agree with that! I’m in that situation too. Granted, I have a bit more time to write on weekends but I like to spend that time relaxing and writing/coding when I want to.

Don’t rush to have motivation! No matter what people tell you: You don’t have to write everyday. Some people don’t have time for that unfortunately. If we did it, it would be easier.

Use this time to work on other things, be lazy. Your inspiration will come back! You can also (if you have time) read your favorite books, watch your favorite movies- etc and then you might have ideas. If you’re constantly doing stuff of course you’re not gonna have motivation cuz you’re so drained!



I know how it feels…
When we don’t get good reads… and its really hurtful!!

I have been there and I know how it feels…

My 1st story got 407 something reads in a year can u believe it?
and on today’s date… I got 1k+ reads under 2 months in my 3rd story…

So, What I am trying to say is…

It takes time to get recognize and ofcourse patience!

You can do r4rs and g4gs…
and gems helps a lot to get your story in top shelfs!

AND if you LOVE writing then just keep writing!
Everyone will know about your story automatically tho!