Loss Of Motivation :(

Hi everyone,

I know that like a lot of authors, I lose motivation for writing. This isn’t because of the story or because of writers block, I’m just stressed and now that I have time to write, I don’t have the motivation to. Are there any tips someone is willing to share about how I can be more motivated? Super stuck :pensive:


Hi!! I’m not a writer but I’m an editor. And editors are just like writers!! They loose motivation and suffer from a "creativity block"from time to timr too!! So my advice for you is
-To not rush things out.
-Convince yourself that you have plenty of time to write.
-try to make a comfortable space and place to write your ideas.
-And (if you like) you can watch movies,series,videos,… just to get some inspiration and (base) ideas from it.

And remember you can do this!! You got this :heart::heart:


Thank you so so much :sleepy: I actually started a story a month or so back but when I started school I lost all of my motivation. I think this is going to help though, thanks again!

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To be honest same stress dosen’t help eather for me i have loss motivation but you need to think about the goodness of the story dose it make you happy dose it make outher people happy then keep doing it here are some tips that may help you
-Don’t rush go slow
-keep yourself motivated (music or set a goal ,)
-wright ideas on paper then write it on your computer,phone,tablet
-Have confidence in yourself

Dont know if this helped


I’m going though the same thing ( I love my story and plot everything and it’s planned but like I’m sorta of loss of motivation)
I’m trying to take baby steps.
I feel like I overworked myself sometimes.
I tried to work on different projects
writing prompts
Listen to music and go back over on you’re storyline

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The most helpful thing for me was to turn writing into a habit.

I used to have trouble writing, then would suddenly get big bursts of inspiration once every x amount of weeks. I decided to write like it was my career, and put an hour aside after breakfast every day to dedicate to writing. Having a set time, place, and word count goal really helped me trick my brain into writing whenever I want to.

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I’m an arTist:?
Sometimes I get a block, so I set myself a deadline. (or there’s one already)
When it’s almost due, I force myself to do it, and slowly get more motivated.
I’m one of those people who have big dreams and a lazy mindset, but having people rely on my work motivates me too. BUTTTTTTTT no matter what, don’t force yourself to do it… too much

Thank you! I am going to use all of these :slight_smile:

Haha thanks! I’m going to try and take it slow. I work hard, but recently I have felt so drained. I just don’t want to force myself to do it and then I’m not happy with the product. I am hoping this story gets a lot of reads as I have put a lot into it. Yknow what I mean?? :slight_smile:

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I have a few unpopular tips that might help you! :relaxed:

-Work on multiple chapters at once
-Write down plot, character bios etc on a nice paper/block
-Try out something new, like drawing, editing, cooking or whatever your heart desires
-Don’t make unnecessary scenes, they make you lose focus on the main plot
-Hold contests for cameos, it will give you an extra scene to write
-Try out another plot idea, check out plot twists etc. or make a second story to work on until you gain back motivation for the first one
-Read other stories, ask friends for support, get inspiration from books/series/movies
-Eat almonds, and thank me later.

Hope these work out for you <3


Oh my gosh can we be friends :joy::heart:

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Also thank you thank you thank youuuu

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Omg yes of course :joy::black_heart:

And no problem sweetface! Good luck with your stories!

sorry! I have been really busy with school, I actually have insta back now if you want it?

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Sure and dw about it! I’m still here haha

Mine is @/zeah.episode

this is my journey:

  • gets motivation suddenly when i begin to write a new story:
    “Imma do this and get a bunch of reads an-”

  • gets lazy and stops writing for a few weeks
    “You know what- im bored imma watch youtube”

  • remembers about my story and goes to write

  • repeat step 2

  • goes BACK again to my story, realizes how predictable and cliche it is and ends up deleting the whole thing.
    “BRUH you can literally tell whats gonna happen in the next 20 chapters you now what- deletes

  • repeat again

anyone else?

I have tags here that may help if you need them! Check out my thread above, you won’t regret it :heart: :wink:


Completely agree!!!

Thank you oh my gosh