Lost a story can anyone help me find it?


I was playing a story and I can’t remember the name can anyone help me? I’ll describe it to see if anyone can figure it out.

so the story is a poor girl moves with her mom to a rich area and she buys her an expensive outfit for her first day of school outfit that she put on her credit card and then she goes to school and gets made fun of for being poor and then it switches to her at lunch and she overheard the popular kids talking abt a costume halloween party at the main character “jays” house but you could change the character names and then she shows up and no one is in a costume but her and she basically lied to her mom and goes to the party and they have this that’s similar to gossip girl where a skull looking thing will pop up and tell gossip to the whole school and everyone receives it. That’s all I can remember if anyone can help me figure it out that’ll be great thanks!


Dark Dreams?
I haven’t read much of it, but it sounds like that?


OMG YES!!! Thank you soooo much it was it i’ve literally been looking for days and wasn’t able to find it. BLESS U


I am looking for a story where a girl is abused by her dad.Shhe works at a coffee shop but one day a boy found interest in her and went inside.The boy ordered a coffee but when they touched hands she dropped his coffe.She is afraid of men and doesn’t trust them.The boy is a teenager and so is she but when he finds out he helps her and takes her to his house. But when he takes her to his house his parents don’t want her there so he gets mad and goes ask his friend if she could stay. The friends parents are never home so it’s not an issue. As they get to know the girl they find out she is suicidal. They take her to the hospital and she needs blood. The boys offer to do blood. The boy who saved her blood does not match hers. But the friends blood tells that him and the girl are siblings. So he donates his blood for his long lost sister. Please help me. Have you heard of it?