Lost a story I once read and can't find it

Hello! I used to read episode a few years ago and started again. I couldn’t find the details to my old account so I started a new one. I started reading a story which starts off with the MC being late to school and his friend I believed was named Shay, who Is his childhood friend and neighbor waiting to take him. The MC goes to school late, is asked how many countries are in Africa by the teacher, gets a detention (If you stand your ground when being asked why your late earlier) and is then told there is a costume party at his friend’s house. And that’s where I stopped. I found my account details so I went to that account and forgot the other account’s. Now I can’t find the story, can anyone help me?


Was it Ink or LL?

@Yuke I believe it was Ink but there was a chance it’s LL I don’t really remember. But from the looks of it, it was Ink

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Anything else you can remember about this story? Is it one with a lot of reads? You referred the MC as a ‘he’ - this is correct, right?

You can choose the gender so I chose male,I’m not too sure about reads, you have another friend which I forgot the name of but is a darker skinned girl, you are a senior in the school and it starts on the first day. You can choose to wear a cat costume to the costume party aswell, Im sorry I don’t have that much knowledge about this story.

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Is it Friends with Benefits?

@Frey I don’t think so, I checked it out before and it wasn’t the right one. But there is more named Friend with Benefits so :man_shrugging: