Lost & confused! 🤷🏻‍♀️

So I think the title says it all. Right now I don’t know who I am or how I feel. I feel empty, lonely and confused. Upset? Hurt? Angry? Little of every emotion.

I feel like my writing sucks and my art sucks. I just feel like I suck at everything lately. I feel like I have lost everyone close to me.


Awh I’m so sorry gurl :hear_no_evil::broken_heart:

Idk you but please pm to talk if you want to :heart:

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Thanks. I seem to lose everyone always… it really sucks

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Yeah I have felt that to
loneliness even tho some people think it’s not that hard

It is and very, we might lose other people but we can’t lose ourselfs

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Yeah but I’m at that point where I think I have lost myself

That is the worst that any human can be through

You know? sometimes we lose battles with or for ourselfs and those are the worst battles and the hardest ones, but we have to fight for ourselfs, for our reconstruction, If we don’t no one will

and we are worth the fight for ourselfs,

Positivity, is very important, and hard to keep, take deep breathes…

We always have to think the best of ourselfs, love ourselfs before anyone or anything,
People will always fail, because they are humans, that’s why you can’t rely on anyone or anything

at one point, it will be gone

believe in yourself :heart:

You have to fight, because it’s the fight of or for life some people lose …:broken_heart:

But you are still alive and you can still make a change


I hate this feeling more then anything any the world. I’m literally crying right now because of how I feel. I can’t even put t into words. I keep meeting new people and I try to be friends with them and they just leave. I’m so tired of everybody leaving. Like I feel I’m not good enough you know? I just want to go back in time to when I was happy and find that again. I know I can’t do that but I want me back. Right now I don’t know who I am. It’s like I have lost my way if that makes any sense.

I wish I could fix whatever I did to make everyone give up on me and leave.

You know? sometimes we chose the wrong persons to be the ones there for us

As it is said : All friends in the good times but no only one in the bad times.

Tbh I don’t rely on people, they always fail, hurt me in someway, or leave me when I need them.
I rely on God, evrytime I feel alone, betrayed, unwanted, lost, unloved, un - usefull, un worth it
I read his word and I cry evrytime, and even if you don’t believe me, it heals me like no one will ever help me and I’m telling you this with tears in my eyes. because sometimes people or situations hurt us more than people think.

We all need a safe place, somewhere we can call home without being fisical,

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You aren’t leaving… I know that. But so many have left J… and I guess maybe I’m scared of losing anyone else…

I’m sorry If I offended you with my last message :disappointed_relieved: It was not my intention

I just wanted to share How I got up…

No you didn’t offend me… I just didn’t know what to say back.

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Yes J

Oh okay

Idk If I helped but I really hope you fight for yourself and the happy person you where before

If you need to talk my pms are open :heart:

I can also be ur friend if you want to :blush: No preassure haha

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Thank you. That means a lot…

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Sure :heart_decoration:

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You haven’t lost me.

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Thanks Sky… I’m glad because soon I might need you more then ever…

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We talked a little the other day about it in pm. Me I’ll go back there. I’d rather not say publicly yet.

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