Lost in Translation?

I have no idea what section to put this under


I am having issues with what appears on my desktop computer isn’t the same that appears when I run a test run of a chapter on my mobile app. On my desktop the overlays, layers, filters, music, etc all line up and look great, but when I preview the chapter on my app the layers are off, music cuts off at the wrong time, etc , filters didn’t reset despite actually code resetting them.

Which one is the real story that my viewers see? God I hope its not what I’m seeing on the app lol

Anyone else have this problem?


It happens often, just try to switch the story iff and open it again or reset the page.

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When I review the chapter on my phone, only the first time I review it, is the correct version. When I go back 10 lines or so, the coding gets messed up.

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