Lost my stories i’ve been reading

Anyone know how I can get my stories back? They are still in my favourites but they lost where I was up to as if I need to re read them all again?

I actually had to re read a story I’m afraid of opening up the other stories cuz ima scream if I have to reread them…try submitting a support ticket


Yeah I have sent them a message just waiting for them to get back to me :sob: I’m dying, I just want to read my stories haha

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:joy: hmm not sure if they work on sundays so they might reply tomorrow

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I’m guessing so, plus it being Easter, if they celebrate that I don’t know haha could be a long weekend

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That’s true :joy:

SAME :rage: I’ve been losing story progresses since freaking OCTOBER 2018, even since that update! :triumph: I can’t even exit the app without having to sign in again, and most times I need to restart stories. I got up to chapter 20 of fucking 26, aaaaaand booted right back to 1. (Mafia Roommate) it pisses me off because it’s a 50/50 situation, so when I think it won’t glitch; it does. Episode really needs formatting or something, a feature that can allow people to CHOOSE which chapter, kind of like a television season.


Honestly so true some of my stories have been resetting my progress coUGH War Dogs coUGH not that I have a problem with that story cuz it’s a goood story and there’s only 10 chapters but when the story has over 40 chapters wTH like omg

I have the same problem!!:sob: Have u found a solution?:thinking:

you have to restart chrome and episode**:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:**

do you know if you need a username/ pass/ subject ID to get back into your account? i accidentally transferred my data to my ipad from my phone and i didn’t want to and now the stories i were reading on my old are gone :frowning:

Is anyone still having these issues? As i was reading a story this happened to me - i cant close the app and even though most of my stories saved their progress - I lost everything under my favorites and I cannot seem to open up half the stories. Did anyone get this resolved from customer service? If so, how long did it take for them to get back to you?

thanks everyone!

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Guys I have lost my story and I need someone help it was about a girl with her bestie and then they moved to go to the university of Chicago and the main character moved it right next to her favorite band. That’s all I remember please help me fine!
Thank yo