Lost My Story? How Do I Get It Back?

Am I not allowed to create multiple stories? I lost my story and im not sure why. I planned to create a new story to practice but i think it deleted my initial story. It still shows on mobile on playable stories but its not online.

how did you loose… it…did you delete it or forget the name?

i didnt delete, i used the same name for my story but different art style. Actually can you tell me how you check your other stories? After you create a new one, it only shows your current one.

well i go on my phone and press create. and my stories are there.

When on the episode interactive website and yo click on the recent story your writing there should be a my stories box in the left corner you click on that and it should be there

Ok i clicked on Episode home page.
I see “Start Writing”
below that is “New Story” , “Continue Story”, and “Manage your Stories”

When I click “Manage Stories” It shows the current one. I dont see anything else

oh you press continue you story then then if you see this 57%20AM thats where your stories are

I see My Stories (on the top with “Art Catalog” and “Guides” and “FAQ”) without the search icon. I dont understand. Can you send an entire screenshot?

We’re is says my stories and the search button press that and write the name of tHe story there and it should come up and click it x

Click the icon next to my stories

oh wow…im dum XD. thx a lot ~

Ahah no worries xx

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