Lost Stories (forgotten or unfavorited)

Heya I’m a noob who only joined to find a story I lost but I’ve decided (after finally figuring out how to do it :sweat_smile:) to start a topic where anyone can comment a story description to find a story they where reading…


Hunting Bad by Hope Moon.


Omg thank you so much

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That was one of my favorites. Some times I re read ones, like Blake, Grace, Deep attraction 2, Chain reaction, and definitely Toxic relationship they are all phenomenally amazing. Oh and very emotional but I love that. I love horror too like Cupid chokehold, Welcome to wonderful winsston, The murderous cycle, why me, AND Porcelain yeah!!! :grinning:

OK I need help again lol this time it’s a werewolf story main characters called Jayden and luna do you have any ideas?

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I have no idea, but if you go into the fantasy section, there’s a bunch of werewolves stories :sweat_smile:

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Power of the Moon? I think that’s what it’s called :slight_smile: Can’t remember the name of the author though!

Hi. my English is bad but I also lost a story I saw today and I really need your help.
I think I was in high school and had a boyfriend which was out of country.
I also had two best friends and a new (boy named Ian).
So my boyfriend cheated on me and everyone in school saw video of him cheating.
I can’t remember anything.
Please, help me find this story.
thanks <3

Rebounding with Bad by Talia Rose
But there’s a featured version with the same name.

OMG. thank you so much <3

Heyy guys i need help finding 2 stories:

  1. Hey i need help looking for a story, it’s about a girl who moved from england to NYC with her friend i think and meets a boy there who is a fighter and they at the end have a argument or something so she moves back to england together with another guy and they start teaching selfdefense classes and she becomes also a fighter and then they see eachother again and they get together again.

  2. Um basically I had read a werewolf story about this female werewolf who had escaped from her old pack and had found her mate in the one she ran into. I dont remember much but I remover the girl barely talking to anyone other than her mate and I also remember that she literally only ate cereal. Can anyone help me find this story? I think the girls name was something along the lines of Selene. The story was also written in ink

I need help finding a story so it was about a girl who could transform into animals and she had to go to a academy with other people like her but it was like bad and a jail and her love interest was a werewolf I think but it wasn’t a cheesy vamp and werewolf story I got a new account and I really wanna find that story

Hi, I need help finding this story. I played episode 3 years ago and after some time deleted it. Now I am playing again and my progress and stories weren’t saved. I remember I loved this one story about a girl who was in college named Mia (I think). She started working as a nanny for this rich guy’s sister. She lived with them in the house. I think he was a professor also. I don’t even know if this story exists anymore. If anyone knows, please help :smiley:

I’m pretty sure it’s the Teacher by Mette M. Peleikis