Lost stories, need help to find these


Sometimes my stories just disappear from my account. I lost one and I was my favorite one… I can only remember the name “Mad Hunt” for the principal character. But I can’t remember the name of the story… Could you help me ? And if you lost a story too, we can help each other’s !

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Baddest by Hope Moon? I never actually read it but remember seeing someone saying there was a character called Mad something lol. It took place in a hotel and the girl gets sold?

The story has been banned.

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Hey guys! Need help finding a story too!
It’s about a bunch of misfits in a band. I remember this really crazy guy with black power hair (they would practice on his basement), a girl (I think she was on the guitar and her name was Max - I think) and this nerd guy. I remember the story was kinda nonsense, they would meet aliens and the mc (the girl) was able to practice telekinesis.

I was in the comedy section

@EliseC OH my god thank you !!! That’s exactly this story… But I feel sad because it is banned… You know why ?

Apparently, it romanticised the black market? I’m not sure if that’s the reason it got banned though. I never actually read it myself (well I read half the first episode lol).


OH Okay… I understand but it was such a good story… !!

Sorry, I don’t know at all this story… But maybe others players can help you if they know it

Noooooo it’s banned?

I LOVED that story, have been looking for it for weeks now.
At least now I know what happened with it

Omg so I just looked Hope Moon up, and I saw that she made a story called : Hunting Bad

You need to watch this, it’s pretty much the same story, Rei is in it and stuff aaaaand Hunt (i suppose)

Hope you’ll like it

So I’m looking for a story, I do not remember the name of it but it was about this American company and involved Neverland (from Peter pan) and the pixie dust was like a drug. I remember one character was named Callie and she had red skin. It’s a strange story but it’s good. If you have any idea to what I’m talking about please respond.