Lost story-I have possible finish reading it or have been reading

So I have lost a story I may have finished reading it and remove from favourite story (as you can only have 1000 saved at a time)
Here’s is what I can remember

  • I think the MC and male love interest (I think) knew each other from school possible dated

  • They met up with each other at a bar/nightclub.MC was drunk and creepy guy came up to her then male love interest stop creepy guy

  • the creepy guy had really bad,smelly breath

  • male love interest took MC back to his house.MC was very drunk was jumping and dancing on bed.male love interest call/FaceTime MC best friend (female) who was not very happy about male love interest taking MC home as they possibly dated and thing didn’t end well.during call with best friend,male love interest said that MC was fine and that she was having a little party with herself as she was singing and dancing on male love interest bed

  • I think MC’s best friend was a lesbian and left early with a love interest at the club

Really hope u can find this story
I will tag a few people I know and I am really sorry if you did want to get tagged but I couldn’t find any other topic or thread so if you know of one please let me know