LOTS of characters needed for my story! (Ink)

hiya! so i might need just a fewwwww characters for both of my stories, Mind Games & Just Friends.



- Mind Games

The "Good Guys"

Assassins (4) - @Ayu , @Ayu
Tech People (2) -
snipers (2) -
combat people (4) - @Ayu ,
seductive people (2, one female, one male) -

The "Bad Guys"

Assassins (4) -
Tech People (2) - @Epi_rj , @Ayu
snipers (2) -
combat people (4) -
seductive people (2, one female, one male) - @Ayu ,

Major Roles

MC’s main best-friend (1) - @KiimChi
MC’s other best-friends (3) -
MC’s father (1) -
MC’s mother (1) -
Ex boyfriend (1) -
Teachers (5) -
Students (Unlimited) -
LI’s main best-friend (1) -
LI’s other best-friend’s (2) -

- Just Friends

MC’s best-friends (2) -
LI’s befriend (1) -
Family members (5) -
Students (Unlimited) -
Teachers (5) -


Id ike to be Mc’s Bestfriend if thats available :slight_smile:
If not someone who does combat on either side.

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I’d love to be a tech person! Also, natural eye detail is green:) :blob_hearts:

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Boyfriend: Kai


(Take off glasses when she works)

Screenshot_2020-02-23 My Gift (Ink) Edit Outfits-Kai

Girlfriend: Ayame


Screenshot_2020-02-23 My Gift (Ink) Edit OutfitsYuna


Screenshot_2020-02-23 My Gift (Ink) Edit OutfitsHaru






Credit me by Ayu-chan

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yep! i’ll add you rn! would you prefer to be not involved in the other side of the MC’s life where she fights and is a total bada**, or would you want to be involved in it?

if you wanted to be, i can have you guys be like childhood friends and you are a combat fighter along her side :))

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thank you!! would you prefer to be on the “good side” (still haven’t come up with the name yet lol) with the MC, or the “bad side”?

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thank you sm!! i’ll add you rn, would you prefer to be apart of the “good side” with the MC, or the “bad side”? or would you like some of your characters to be on the good side and some on the bad side?

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I like some of my characters to go good and bad sides. You can choose whichever characters sides :smile:

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okay sounds great!! tysm, how would you like to be credited?

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I’d love to be on the bad side! Villains are so funnn

And you can credit me by my ig- @ epi_rj :sparkles:

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yesssss i agree :smirk:

& great sounds good!!!

i’ll add ya to the list tomorrow :))

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Id love that actually sounds perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:

Credit me by Ayu-chan :smile:

Hey! Here are my character details:

I’m good with being pretty much any character! Feel free to change my outfit and name if need be :smiley: Thank you for this opportunity!!

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sniper! they are twins :black_heart:

Character Details

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good side with the MC or bad side with the LI?

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ouuu sounds great!! thank you sm!!

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How can you show the details? Can you teach me please? I am actually new to forums.

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mateo INK character card emani INK character card ink character card

are you asking how to get one of these?

Yeah, I meant the details(Customization name) do you edit it? Do u copy them?

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