Lots of Issues with Episode Previewer


I’ve recently noticed that my characters are not showing a change in their outfit on the previewer. For example, in my script I put @CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT. On the app everything appears normal, but on the previewer the character does not change into the outfit. Also, the previewer is literally crashing EVERY SINGLE TIME I save my script.
This bug is happening on every story I am writing. Classic, ink, or LL it doesn’t matter.
Has anyone else been experiencing similar issues?


I have the same problem, every time I preview it crashes.


My web previewer has been crushing all the time these past few days :frowning:


The runtime error keeps showing up almost everytime I try to preview it too, it’s hella annoying :roll_eyes:


Do you know if Episode themselves have made any comment about this? The majority of the authors I know/follow are having the exact same issue. Myself included. I didn’t know if it was maybe due to an update on their part or something.


Yeah, I know a lot of authors who have this problem too. But no, I don’t know if Episode said something about this. :confused:


Really? I didn’t see anything. I sent a support ticket and they seem oblivious.


Maybe we should all send a support ticket :woman_shrugging:


Ugghhh I thought I was the only one going through this. Good to know I’m not, even though it sucks that we all have to suffer :sweat: I notice that it’s especially bad whenever I preview my LL story. Like every second save it just totally gives up on me. Hopefully they’ll fix this soon.


That’s what I would encourage:)


Huh, so I’m not the only one suffering here. I can only view it once through and the second I try to preview it again it crashes to hell. Very annoying.


My overlay positions are all messed up. They were okay a few days back. I had to re position all of them. And the previewer also crashes sometimes.


When you’re finally in the mood to edit after two weeks of writer’s block, but the previewer decides to pull this bs every time you try to save…




its happening to me too


Ugh :rage: :rage: :rage:


I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to go old school and whip out my phone to start coding from there. I feel like I’ve regressed a full year. They need to fix this!


y’all, i don’t want to jinx anything or test my luck here… but i’ve been able to preview my story 3 times now without it crashing… i’m actually crying


I’ve been having the same issue. It mostly crashes if I’ve had director helper open on the preview to place my characters


OMG! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing too.


Still happening over here too, day four…:disappointed_relieved: