Lots of stories being removed on episode?

But do you really want to be towing the line?

If the scenes can be removed / edited without affecting the plot or main storyline they will give you a deadline to edit it.

If the whole story revolves around s*x, working as a prostitute, trafficking, etc, it will most likely be instantly removed.

Also episode doesn’t review on demand, so you pretty much don’t know until it’s too late :upside_down_face:


The dark plot lines I’ve seen removed involve things like a possessive, scary and controlling husband who plays a large role overall. Basically dark thriller plots that cannot be easily changed so I feel for anyone who’s got a story in the thriller genre. Obviously the same would apply to overly-sexual plots too or one’s that really rely upon violence etc. Anything that’s got heavy mature themes or relies too much upon mature themes.

Stories are also removed if they make fun of Episode/Episode Originals or other specific stories on the app.

If you’re worried about your story My Gamer Boys, I wouldn’t worry. I don’t think your story is dark or too sexual at all.


You can send a ticket asking to have your story reviewed and they will review it. :heart:


There’s something kind of dark I’m planning for a lot later, lol. Something that will have to do with a psychopath character with no redeeming qualities… and I’m afraid about writing that lol because I heard some stories that have psychopaths got removed… :sweat_smile:

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If you’re talking about Breaking Boundaries by Melia being removed it is my understanding that it was because the general whole plot line just wasnt suitable for example, the fact the father sells the MC to the Mafia who is then forced to have sex with the Mafia leader (when she doesnt want to) who is often slapping the MC (the mafia leader) and burning her clothes. But that is just my observation and what I can gather by what Melia herself has said on instagram :woman_shrugging:t3:

I can totally understand why Melia wanted to portray a non romanticized version of a mafia story, but unfortunately if you break down the themes you are left with what can be interpreted as: selling women for marriage (which still happens in some areas of the world), rape and assault :disappointed_relieved:

And whilst a lot of people are incredibly angry about the story being removed (I have read it myself and was interested to see where the story went) I think on this occasion Episode were probably right that the story was thematically inappropriate. This is why I feel like they should have developed Ivy more before sacking it in entirely because it was only available for beta testing in two countries and community authors were not able to create on this platform. There probably would have been a huge response in community authors writing more mature content if they had developed this further, keeping sensitive subjects off the main app.


Yeah, that’s probably true about ivy.
But I noticed breaking boundaries wasn’t the only story removed recently. There was After Him, Pick your poison/would you rather, and an lgbtq+ story (I don’t remember the name of it). It just feels like story removal is going around.


I dont feel like Episode would remove a story for no reason though. At the end of the day, they earn money off of community stories so they wouldnt do it just to be spiteful I dont think.

“Burning Flames”?? → I know why they removed that… :mask Let’s say… It’s a good story, but she wasn’t smart with choices of words… :woman_facepalming: :zipper_mouth_face:


Hey CoraMae,

Please don’t go!!! :cry: Again your storyline and plot was amazing!! I loved reading it. If you don’t read the swearing and offended words :point_right: it’s still an amazing story. :wink: I hate to say this but the reviewers are :fu: :smiling_imp: I got a mail on my boyfriend’s birthday from a reviewer for what?? :point_right: one swear word in episode 2. I just published episode 16 until 18, before I got that email. Serious??? :woman_facepalming:t2: Sorry, but that almost made me cry. They need to give more warnings especially when you almost completed a story

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In my opinion, Chase needed to make that mistake and be a**hole at the beginning, so that changes in his personality are more noticeable later and that readers will love him more.

His constant swearing is something that Ryan dislikes a lot. He finally gives him an ultimatum (I think that’s in chapter 8), that if he wants them to be friends, he needs to stop lying, swearing, etc. And Chase will do that for Ryan and their friendship! Unless a reader decides to keep Chase a low person.

I’m not looking for compassion about my leaving. :broken_heart: My final day is still away since my other story is not yet finished. But honestly, I don’t have another choice. I have to do it for the stories in me, which can’t wait for me to write them. And most of all, I have to do it for Ryan and Chase and find a safe place for their love.


I understand and to be honest I love Chase :relaxed:

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That story was so problematic. Basically romanticizing drug lords and abuse.


Wait, I have a scene where it’s about the MC’s best friend, who happens to be a victim to child/forced marriage. I added this because my whole story revolves around awareness about various things. My story also takes place in India where these situations often happen more than you’d think. It’s extremely unfortunate, but I’ve come to realize that so many people aren’t aware of it. However, I know this is a very sensitive topic for many. Which is why even after adding a load of warnings about these themes, I also gave a choice where the reader gets to choose whether they want to read the parts of the story which are sensitive or not. Would it still be vulnerable to getting removed?

It depends on Episode reviewer if that thing will fall under an appropriate or inappropriate theme for this app. And the warnings and skipping option don’t affect that decision.

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Alright, how about stories that have creatures from the past?

I don’t believe it goes against the guidelines, but it could be just a little frightening.

Creatures? Like demons? Ghosts?

No no, not super natural things. I mean extinct animals such as the Titanoboa snake.


I don’t know :woman_shrugging:t4:

Oh, no worries. I don’t think it is a problem, but I was hesitant because there are some fast movements that might frighten the viewers.