Lottery? Please Help

I’m not flexing,just asking!

Hello…I am normal girl who just had a HUGE change in her life… We won in lottery, not like 100 euros, it is a lot ,like A LOT … 90 Million…

I can’t believe it and I am still crying but what I AM GOING TO BUY! Basically I get cough 1 million cough which is pretty big FOR ME.

So, what should I buy for it? And don’t say save. I’m gonna swear ,I will kill you.
Those can be episode related or not.

:sob: :blush:


first you should be carefull people have it with trying to use people with money, I would say invest them, pay of debt and such, but els what you really should do is fugure out the best way to use them and dont blow it all at once in a stupid way.

My family won not as much, a few years ago we used it for a vacation. might be an idea

Also congrats on winning.


siss that’s crazyyy. congrats. also maybe buy something you love? if it’s a hobby or anything

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Do what you want, go shopping if you want, got out and eat. Just don’t blow it all out in like a whole week or day.

Get something you really want that you couldn’t have before

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Thank you ,I’m gonna be careful :blush:

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I really like dancing and football but I don’t think that I want something for it!

But thanksssssss

maybe some good footbal tickets. or like prof dancing classes

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I am in dancing classes already :laughing:

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Congrats! ( :

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