Love Confession - My first story. Please read it. Ready for R4R too

I have just created my first story. I would appreciate if you could read it.
I can also do R4R.

Title:- Love Confession
instagram :- divya26_writes

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my story isnt out yet… but i’ll make sure too add ur story to my list :hugs:

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Thanks. You can message me on Instagram once your story is published. I would like to read it.

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Your story looks so cute! I’d love to do a R4R if you’re interested.

Sure. Send me your story link. I would definitely read those.
Also I would appreciate if you could read mine

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Hello this is my first story, i would like to do R4R.

Title:Free Will
Genre: Mistery
Style: Limelight
Author: Brainless
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Description:Helena it’s just a avarage girl with a avarage, almost cliche life… but as the days go by, she starts to notice that something it’s off…

No CC|Choices Matter|


Would you like to do read for read?

Sure. I have added your story in my list. Will start reading it. Hope you will read mine. too

I would like to do r4r

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Okay! I’ll send screen shots when I’m done.

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Sure. Please add my story in your favorite list

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Here’s the info for the R4R:
Title: Planet X
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Style: LL
Author: PsychoOB
Description below.

Hi, i finished reading your story. Here’s a screen shot:

Sure, let’s do it

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what’s your stories name?


I read your story. Waiting for next episode. BTW, how did you like my story? Tell me honestly if it was good.
Below is the screenshot of your story I read

Free Will

Yes i liked, it was great

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