Love From Different Realms Explanation

Love From Different Realms Explanation

DISCLAIMER - If you have not read my story this will not make sense. This is for the people who have read my story and want to know more about the creatures and background.

DISCLAIMER 2 - Readers who have NOT read EP. 5 yet do not read this first read this AFTER you have read EP. 5! (Which is currently out now.)

  • Update (Episode 6 out now!)

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Main Characters

Summer’s Family

  • Summer’s Half Brother- Emile Smith Grant (alive)
  • Wife - Elizabeth Caroline Grant (alive)
  • Emile and Summer’s mother - Layla Martha Grant/Rosenheim (dead)
  • Emile’s father - Damien (Dom) Grant (dead)
  • Summer’s father - Arthur Wayne Rosenheim (dead)

Lucifer’s Family

  • Lucifer’s Mother - Crystal (alive)
  • Lucifer’s Father - Apollyn (alive)

Calisto’s Family

  • Best friend of Summer- Calisto Rain Valen (alive)
  • Calisto’s Mother - Daisey Valen (alive)
  • Calisto’s Father - Adam Valen (alive)

Von’s Family

  • Von’s Sister - Anastasia (alive)
  • Von’s Mother - Margarette (alive)
  • Von’s Father - Joseph (alive)

Friend’s of Lucifer -

  • Jacob (alive)
  • Ryan (alive)


(Episode 6 update)

  • Lucifer and Summer
  • Calisto and Von
  • Crystal and Apollyn
  • Anastasia and Daren
  • Daisey and Adam
  • Wild Card and Erica

Not Soulmates but, Lovers -

  • Venice and Rain
  • Margarette and Joseph
  • Vales and Daren
  • Ivy and Quiney
  • Ryan and Robert
  • Vales and Daren



Royal demons have every power imaginable. Demons do have horns, which they can hide. Royal demons rule mostly everywhere except for certain pieces of land that were given to the werewolves, vampires and elves. The demons rule over hell and have 2 separate castles in hell and middle Earth.

Regular demons can teleport and have 2 unique powers. Demons do live in hell but, lots of demons enjoy middle Earth.


There are pure blood vampires and there are regular vampires. Pure blood vampire means they only have Vampire genes in them and nothing more. Which is looked up upon in the vampire empires. The pure blood vampires are like royals. They have their own empire’s and rule over a certain piece of land with their castle and their people. There are 2 empire’s Asonomia and Zaida. Zaida is Damon’s family empire. Asonomia is Von’s family empire. “Royal” (pure blood) Vampires have at 100 powers, which could be from teleportation to reading minds.

A normal vampire has vampire genes but they also have humans or any other creature their family mated to in their blood as well. Some vampires stay in the territory they were born in and serve the pure bloods or they can leave. (territory- either empire they were born in.) if they are not born in any territory they are NOT allowed to go into the empire’s territory unless it is approved by the pure bloods. Normal vampires only have 2 powers and which one is usually teleportation and the other is unique to the vampire.


Fairies have emerald green eyes. Fairies do live in a magical forest which the demons do not have control of. There is a set of council men and women who rule over fairies. All fairies that are born of fairy parents usually will live in or near the enchanted forest. Hybrids with fairy decent can choose to abide by their rules but, don’t have to.


The elves like the fairies have their own council and have a set territory. Which again the demons do not rule over. They live amongst themselves and some do dare to come into demon territory which is not common.


The Angels have their own kingdom. Chris is the king of heavens. Erica is his sister. They have their own empire and cities In heaven. Royal angels which are Erica and Chris have infinite powers like Royal demons. Angels live in the heavens and some angels go down to middle earth and live there.


Hybrids are a mix of two different creatures. Whether it be angel and demon or human and angel or any other mix. Those are considered hybrids. Now if a human and a creature breed they will have the characteristics of the creature but, not have the physical appearance of the creature. If the human mates with a creature that is immortal the offspring will be immortal.

Werewolves will not be introduced in this story so I will not be explaining them.

City Names

These cities WILL be shown in later episodes.

Middle Earth Cities

Capital - Mephistopheles
City 1 - Sabbath’s city
City 2 - Oaks Hollow
City 3 - Waters crest
City 4 - Frost Fields
City 5 - Golden Bright
City 6 - Silverdale

Hell's Cities

Capital - Kingdom Of Darkness
City 1 - Fire keep
City 2 - Hawks Heart
City 3 - MoonShore
City 4 - Broken Falls

Heaven's Cities

Capital - Angels Realm
City 1 - Holly Falls
City 2 - Ring City
City 3 - Golden Crest

Eye Colors

Vampires - grey eyes
Demons - Dark Black
Royal demons - Red
Angels - Ice blue
Elves - green
Fairies - Any color
Hybrids - Amber Brown
Humans - any color (except purple, red or dark black)
Dark Angel - Purple


Most of the background Info I gave in this new episode (episode 5). I did give an option to skip. If you did skip I will NOT be explaining it on forums. I will give the same option in episode 6 for the people that skipped it to read some of the background I am NOT putting on here.

Here Is what I will be putting -

War Information

Diablo’s War started 4 years after the magical creatures came out of their hiding in 2030.

Started - March 1st 2034
Ended - April 23rd 2042


  • Summer is 24 years old

Summer’s Birthday: November 4th, 2041

  • Lucifer is 29 years old

Lucifer’s Birthday: June 21st, 2036

  • Calisto is 23 years old

Calisto’s Birthday is September 8th, 2042


(I also said this in episode 5 - Just a Reminder!)

Soulmates are gifted bonds between people. This bond is given by the sun god and moon goddess. his bond connects two people. They are lovers at birth basically. This bond enhances their feelings and it gets deeper as they stay together. Now the heartbeat Summer felt was her getting close to her soulmate. If they are close to their soulmate they will feel their heartbeat as they get closer. Soulmates also get a sign like as shown on Summer and Lucifer’s chest. They have the same sign. You may also notice on Venice and Rain’s arm they have different signs. Typically soulmates are female and male but, soulmates can reject their mate if they love someone else more or they like the same sex. Which they like females so they rejected their mate and found a lover on their own.

Questions and Concerns

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