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Welcome to Love High. Love High, is the high school where everyone gets in a relationship. If you haven’t already fallen in love that means you are just new. Find the love of your life, here.

The Groups Of Love High:

The Popular. As the word says they are popular. The most popular kids in the school.

The Jocks. The Jocks are people that play lots of sports. Give them a ball and they will love you.

The Actors . The Actors are people that well, act. Their acting skills a very good, and so are their lies.

The Musicians. The Musicians, love playing music of course!
They can tell you how they feel with just 1 simple love song.

The Artists. The artists love art! They can tell you how they feel about you with a painting.

The Naturals. The Naturals are well, natural. They don’t have to be in a specific group.

Do Not Start Drama
No Godplaying(No RolePlaying In Other Characters That Are Not Yours)
Sex Is Allowed Just Don’t Get Into Details
You Can Also Use Pictures To Describe Outfits etc.
Have Fun!

The Sing Ups


Love High | The RP Sing Ups


Attention to all students! This roleplay will start with all the students going on their first day of school. Have fun everyone!

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I wheel towards the school and look at my mom. “I can’t believe I’m going to Love high. I’ve read about this place and it seems so cool. Anyways I love you mom see you!” I hug her and Wheel into the school.

Orp: Approachable



I’m nervous to be back at school once again.
Freshman year was awful, it was only at the end when I started making a stand to the bullies that I became popular I think to myself. Even if I’m popular now, it goes against everything I ever stood for.

All the bullying I went through just to end up becoming their friends because I grew a pair? Now I feel like I’ve shrunken back into an anxious freshman again… let’s just see how this day goes.

I walk through the school gates.

Orp- Approachable (and I’m a sophomore btw)



Gets up throws on some clothes and heads out the door. Drives to school and parks in his favorite spot. He gets out the car and walks into the school. Goes to his locker.

(approachable) lockers


I woke up and got dressed. Rode the bus to school. Then went straight to the auditorium.

(approachable) auditorium


It was a morning and the first day of school. Like always dad wasn’t home. I got dressed in my cutest newest outfit. I drive to school and entered the building. I looked for my friends. I’m so popular everyone knows me!

(approachable) halls



Nervous once again I enter the new school. Anxiety is my only friend as I start remembering my past. Abuse. I take a deep breath and look around me. I saw many people. Mostly girls tho.


I enter the school. I take a deep breath and look around me. All I saw was people probably being sad for being at school. Just like me. “God, I wanna die!” I say to myself. I enter the building and try to find some people that I can hang out with.

ORP: Both girls are aprooachable.



I wheel down the halls and see spot of people. I stop at my assigned locker and open it. Inside I put my bag in and started to decorate.




I walk to the lockers trying to spot some people. I see a girl in a wheelchair at her locker. “She must be the new singer.” I say to myself. I walk to her locker. “Hi!” I say nervously “Are you Lyla, the new singer?” I ask her. WHY AM I ALWAYS SO AWKWARD?


Lara Gold

I see some people by the lockers. I don’t think I’ve seen them before.
“Hi, I just saw you guys, are you new?” I ask.




I look around and I see a girl talking to me and Lyla. “Ummm Hi! Uhhh yeah! A- Are you new too?” I say awkwardly.




“Hi. That’s me the singer… Oh this is Willow my Goldie service dog.” I smile at her and hold my hand out for her to shake. Willow whines and I look at her. “Shh Willow”


Lara Gold

“Actually, no,” I start, “I’ve been here since freshman year. I’m a sophomore now. What about you?” I ask.




I look to the other girl. “Hi I’m Lyla and this Willow. I’m a Junior.”



Akari Kobayashi

She woke up bright and early today, she took a shower. And got out in a steam, and a nice white towel. She looked for something to wear… Hmm Cute or… comfy? Cute! She changed into her outfit. And ate some breakfast. And then she rushed to go to her motorcycle. “Bye Mom, Bye Dad.” She waved. She drived to school, and when she arrived she parked her motorcycle, and walked inside.




“That’s so cool. Your dog is adorable. Hi, Willow,” I say, patting her dog. Then I stand back up abruptly.
“I’m so sorry, I should’ve asked to pet your dog. I know I shouldn’t distract service dogs,” I say apologetically.



"Aww I assume willow would be saying thanks… Oh no it’s fine, since you’re meeting her you have my privilege to pet her.




“It’s my first day here.” I look to Willow, kneel down and pet her. “You know,” I say to Lyla and Lara “dogs are my favourite animals in the world!” “Willow is so freaking adorable!” I say



I arrived at school wearing this. I saw that Akari was here. “Hey, Akari.” I smiled. “How are you doing Baby Cakes.” I held her hand while I spoke.

“So,” I spoke as we both walked to the lockers. Ooo, our lockers are next to each other! “I can’t wait…” I smiled.




I sigh in relief.
“Well ok then, if you’re sure. Willow is a complete sweetheart. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys around school,” I tell her, warmly.




“Same… lol I know right!” I look at Leila “So what grade are you in?”

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