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Welcome to Love High. Love High, is the high school where everyone gets in a relationship. If you haven’t already fallen in love that means you are just new. Find the love of your life, here.

The Groups Of Love High:

The Popular. As the word says they are popular. The most popular kids in the school.

The Jocks. The Jocks are people that play lots of sports. Give them a ball and they will love you.

The Actors. The Actors are people that well, act. Their acting skills a very good, and so are their lies.

The Musicians. The Musicians, love playing music of course!
They can tell you how they feel with just 1 simple love song.

The Artists. The artists love art! They can tell you how they feel about you with a painting.

The Naturals. The Naturals are well, natural. They don’t have to be in a specific group.

Spots Left:

The Populars. 3 Male Populars.

The Jocks. Female Football Captain, 8 Female Footballs Players, 4 Male Football Players, Male Basketball Captain, 8 Female Basketball Players, 8 Male Basketball Players, Male Volleyball Captain, 8 Female Volleyball Players, 8 Male Male Players, 8 Cheerleaders.

The Actors. 3 Actresses, 4 Actors.

The MusiciansMale Singer,1 Flute Player, 1 Drum Player, 1 Triangle Player.

The Artists 3 Female Artists, 6 Male Artists.

The Naturals As Many As Possible.


Sing Ups


Do Not Start Drama
No Godplaying(No RolePlaying In Other Characters That Are Not Yours)
Sex Is Allowed Just Don’t Get Into Details
You Can Also Use Pictures To Describe Outfits etc.
FIRST reserve, wait until I answer you, and THEN fill out the Signup Form.
Have Fun!

Tagging Some People That Might Be Interested:

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Role play help?





I just put in a popular girl… now I’m doing he head actress if that’s available then I’ll do a boy


okie dokie c


is she the head popular?


That’s up to you… just a popular girl is fine… I don’t about to take all the head spots. Lol




Done with the head actress… omg my girls are so pretty!!! Yay!!! Now for the boy




In what group is Brian?


Doesn’t matter. Wherever you need him… he can be sports, artist or a neutral… but being a senior I guess he should be in a clique… haha


So natural?


I’ll make a freshman for neutral… lol let’s put Brian in football




Football captain or player?


PLayer. I’d rather my popular girl be head popular then have the football captain… haha


@Coolepisodes in what group is Akari?


@Epi.Sympatics what group is Haruto in?


I signed up. And my friend did too.
my girl is Female Popular

My friends boy is Male popular.