Love High | The RP Sing Ups



Should I introduce today and the scenario will be when he suddenly knocks on Daniels door and he’s there or should I introduce him in another way?


Such a hard decision for Daniel… ughh… does he break up with Luna.


Should I introduce my character today or tomorrow? I want it today because I want him to suddenly knock on Daniels door and he’s there and Katheryne gets surprised


Then do it today… lol just wait till Luna and Daniel come back inside…


Alright :blush:


What should Daniel do???


I don’t know its his decision whether to be with Christa an old crush and still has a crush on Or luna his girlfriend lol


Lol… yeah… lol


I can’t wait to know who he will choose :joy:


Should I make one more guy for the one who Daniel doesn’t choose?


yea I think u should so none of them will be heartbroken


Is it too late to sign up?


No. We have had a lot happen. But you are more then welcome to sigh up. I know @Doksanwrites would love more people to RP