Love High ~ The Sign Ups & Chat {OPEN}

Clair is also at the gym wanna approach her?


@jiya.episode @maddy_roleplayz Joe needs to come back
He’s our drama source

He can. Just tag him.

@Minneha I am sooooooooo sry I left. We can continue Cameryn and Joe if you want…


a fight definitely fits the concept

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Drama alert :woman_facepalming::joy:

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Lol it’s okay, I was pretty busy with another RP too, so I was barely on this

Yeah, sure I don’t mind if you want to continue :grin:

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@classycherries come back I need Sam and Xavi
It never happened
The potential

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Ok I was bored so I did a bit research

This is your fcs actual baby and I’m melting

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So cute! :heartpulse::cherry_blossom::pleading_face:

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Can you post first then?

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Sure, but where do you want them to meet?

Reserve for head popular bou

it’s taken but you can be a regular popular boy

honestly i kinda lost interest in this

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.we’re reviving it

My characters are approachable!

Since you guys are reviving it, then what time is it in the rp?

KK I will

morning noonish

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