Love in the afterlife

This is to promote my story new story love in the afterlife. This story is about Freya and Marcellus live 2 completely different lives but when they die in the same accident. Is death the thing what would bring them together? find out in the afterlife…

This is the link to my story:

This is the cover by @karlydakween on Instagram go and follow her she is really good good artist.

So anyway please go and read my new story love in the afterlife and I will read your story if you have one. P.s this is my first story with sound so please let me know of there is any problems with it. And I hope you like my story if you do read it contact me @k.depisodes on Instagram to tell me what it’s like if you have a story to tell me what it is.

Anyway please read my new story love in the afterlife. Thank you :books::two_hearts:

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I’ll check it out!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you

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This is in related to my other post about love in the afterlife. I would love if more of you readers could read it please coz I have put a lot of work in to and if you do read it contact me and tell your friends post about it. It would really help. If you have read it I will be writing more soon just busy with uni atm but anyway please read it I would love for this to be my best and most read story so let’s get it there. If you want to know more details then check out my other post on it please photos of it blow. Thank you

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