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Hello all,
So the love interest in my story i was thinking of making him half Caucasian half Chinese (but his features are more Caucasian than Chinese like he wouldn’t look Chinese at all apart from maybe the eyes) or I can take another approach and possibly have him being adopted to a Chinese father and Caucasian mother… so not sure if I should make him adopted or just looking more like the mother?

I think both options are fine. I’ve seen children of one Asian parent and one Caucasian parent looking not Asian at all.
My suggestion for you is to ask yourself why you want to customize the love interest that way.
I’m an Asian American but even I can’t avoid wanting to make my characters white. So I always ask myself why I’m so afraid of portraying minorities in my story.
Now it’s perfectly fine for you to customize the LI any way you want. Just focus more on the reason behind your decision. Maybe he looks white and struggles to find his identity. His Chinese relatives treat him well (because colorism is a real thing in Asia) and his friends see him as not western enough. Or maybe he looks Asian and often feels like an outsider in his white friend group.

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Actually you’re right i dont need to make more Caucasian i was originally writing in an older story that that characters were already made and wasn’t going to change them, that was the only reasoning behind making him more Caucasian than Chinese.

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