Love Interests: Customizable or Not?

  • I need Love Interests to be completely customizable.
  • It isn’t really important to me.
  • I won’t date/romance a character I didnt customize.
  • Character building is what makes a Love Interest for me.

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I’m working on my story and I have 6 Love Interest set; 3 male & 3 female. At first I was only going to make 4 customizable but now I feel like saying “fuck it, i don’t care.” You know i just finished reading the latest chapter of Galactic Game and I love Kin so much without ever customing him. I’m thinking I’m going to leave them un-customizable, CC is making a lot of Readers feel entitled and I feel CC will take away from the characters. MC is already custom and can be either gender anyways.


Even though I don’t have CC for love interests in my story, I honestly get way too many who complain I WANT TO COSUTUMIZIZZZEEE MY LOVEEE ERRRR

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Personally, I hate when there are more than 2 love interests and I have to customize each and one of them (it’s sooo tiring and repetitive especially when you’re “trying” stories and you have to do the same thing daily ), and every time they end up looking exactly the same :joy::joy::joy:

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