Love interests poll

I mainly prefer 1, but 2 is ok to add a little extra umph to the story. But once 3 or more enter the picture it all becomes too overwhelming…


AGREED! We stan having the choice

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Agreed. I did put as much choices as I can in my story and NEVER force the MC to kiss or flirt, she always got the choice

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You don’t like overwhelming? JK

  1. Definitley
    I like reading about a love story of 2 people
    When I do read love triangles I end up just picking the first one you meet anyway
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one LI seems a lot more realistic as well. fr i don’t know anyone who would stick around to wait for a girl to “choose” who she wants to end up with. also throughout the story, the MC usually leaves the LIs hanging for like 40 episodes which also really annoys me :sob:

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None or at least two. I hate being forced to romance a person who I don’t like and this often happened to me in one LI stories. Nothing makes me happier than having a choice.