Love island 2022!

What do you guys think of Gemma and Luca?
Who’s your fave couple?
Who’s your fave islander? (If it’s not Paige ur wrong) JKSSS (not)

Finally someone is talking Love Island!! But Luca is quite somehow and weird I don’t really like him lol and I don’t like Gemma either she’s very much everywhere and have a ‘high school’ and b-chy attitude (especially then times with Ekin Su she was bare talking behind her back like why can’t you say to her face… weird…) which annoys me a lot. If there was a petition for her to go or more screen time for the others I would sign it gladly :skull::skull:.
But my favourite Islander is Amber because she’s the only one in a actual relationship with Damy (cutest in my opinion) and she’s very pretty :))

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I hate Ekin Sue but she’s a city girl fr so i love. :sob:
-Indiyah is foineeee
And luca and gemma piss eachother off its wonderful

I actually didn’t like Amber to begin with, she was giving basic b*tch vibes which I j didn’t like. Now I think she’s literally like the mum of the group and she’s so sweet. I agree w Ekin-su like grow a pair girl.

Also I think Luca is hot but I honestly don’t like him and Gemma. I feel like the fact a 19yr old is looking for love with way older guys is a bit weird.

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I LOVE Indiyah she is too cute

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im not caught up tbh but all i gotta say is i think its so weird how all these men keep going for gemma when theyre so much older than her cough davide cough

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And her rich dad ummm girl please. I don’t think it should be right for just 19year old to be on a show with people all age (22-35) it’s weird but then again her daddy is richhhh.

Yeah I get what you mean but at the same time she is as you said the mum of the group.

Indiyah petition for more screen time :raising_hand_woman:t5:

And let me not start talking on how Ekin Su and Davide swallow each other when they kiss :skull: :skull:

No for real… I mean she is pretty but it’s exaggerated now… I’m worried :cowboy_hat_face:.

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no lit rally, im 19 and i see those guys and im like bestie get out of there
shes not my fav by an means but i still feel real bad for her.

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PLEASE ITS SO FUNNY! When I first watched it she looked like she was eating him or something what is up with that??? Davide is just not it. I’m warming up to Ekin Su and I def get what she means when she was disappointed with Davide not bring her coffee when literally all the other boys did.

That’s what I’m saying :skull: :skull:

I missed two episode, bit I will catch up :sunglasses: :sunglasses:, but I can tell she’s into Jacques though i don;t know

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