Love & Let Live (Featured)

Oh. That kinda sucks :confused:.

Like that one featured story where you be confident in front of your crush and go up to the board in class. 15 or 20 gems.


Exactly the same type of gem choices !


It’s called Between two Princes on my device.
I’ve seen screenshots where it’s also called Kidnapped by a Prince which sounds like a satire IMO so I hope they don’t go with that one lol


It’s true that the assets are beautiful, (like literally the ones in the post above I loved when I saw them) but I agree with @Louve1 most of the choices are gem, and some are similar but slightly different dialogue ones?


I read the entire original, and I honestly didn’t even recognize this as the same story until I came here. I’m glad I recall the original now, because I almost paid for this gem choice, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t actually matter in the long run.


As usual I forgot about SS but I pushed the prince away on the kiss. Like no, you don’t get to try and decide what the MC does and get to kiss her later


They removed the horns from all the characters but didn’t change the dialogue to reflect that. :laughing:


On this story, I’m getting happier and happier with the non-gems choices related to romance because they’re the ones I want to pick.

Loving the bars overlay and the BG


I want that anime male hair so bad :drooling_face:

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I’m actually annoyed I don’t have this story. :moyai:

I’ll just save gems for it… did anyone buy the gem choices? If so, do you think it was worth it?

Some are some aren’t for example.
Most of the romantic ones I was so happy with the non gem answer that I didn’t use gems.

Also @Cee read the original and the gem choice for dressing to impress the king doesn’t matter on the long, from what I’ve seen so far it makes sense because she’s kidnapped right after… But I chose the dress anyway :sweat_smile:

Some when she’s been kidnnaped are almost like choose us or your MC will have no personality

But there’s a choice in most of the scenes :tired_face:


Never-mind, I have the story. I’ve obtained it through illegal ways! (a.k.a. I found it through author’s profile)

I’m reading the original, really interested in how they changed it. :eyes:

Thanks for the reply @Nessya



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If you buy the dress, does she keep it on after she’s kidnapped?

Yes, until there’s a choice to change to the outsider’s clothes.
But, I find it pointless in the story because after being kidnapped there’s no one to impress…


I don’t really like the outsider outfit, so I could at least see buying the earlier outfit as worthwhile to not spend the whole story in a maid uniform. :laughing:


Yes, I heard that in Love Life, the dress gem-choice was used for just a scene or something like that.
At least, these last for more than 1 episode. :joy:


90% of the time the outfits are barely worn. Recently I think they’ve been catching on to the fact that people are more likely to spring for them if they can wear them for more than 3 minutes.



Did Ezra’s appearance change for anyone based on how you changed Liam? I was surprised he didn’t change at all, but since I barely edited Liam except to give him a new nose, I can see why.

You couldn’t CC the Ezra character in the original either, but he also looked really different (blue hair). I wonder why they kept him un-CC-able but also changed his look to be less unique.

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