Love "Love on Fire "

I wanted to share that this is my favorite Episode story so far. I LOVE the amount of options for the Characters and the many directions you can take. Whoever made this did a great job! I will say I was so hooked on it I wanted to try all the options and I was super disappointed to see I could only play it 5 times. I was nearly heartbroken and then I had to remind myself it’s just a game haha. I do wonder if the amount of plays will ever be extended? This, Rule Breaker, and Love Life have been my favorite so far. Episode hooked me pretty fast!

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I agree completely with the above and would be so grateful if someone could do it up again so u can replay it more then 5 times as I have noticed there have been some changes to the game like the people u can choose and the options and I spent ALOT of diamonds on the game so would really appreciate another replay or more PRETTY PLEASE :blush:

You can actually play the story again another 5 times if you wish to on Ivy: Stories We Play which is the mature version of Episode, it’s just under a different title but the story is the same. I’m not sure if the app is available in your country though.

But I agree, we should be awarded with more than 5 replays per story. <3