Love Me Wilde by Michaela Bri

Just wondering if anyone knows the status of the story “Love Me Wilde” by Michaela Bri?

I haven’t been on the app lately and noticed all her Instagram posts were gone, so I was wondering if she is taking a break or no longer writing it anymore? It’s my favorite story on the app and her writing style always inspired me to stop procrastinating my own stories and be creative. Would hate to see a talent likes hers disappear from the app entirely.

She hasn’t made any official statement but I think she discontinued it. Unfortunately this not the first time she almost always discontinues all her stories :upside_down_face:


Oh, that’s too bad. It was easily one of the best on the app. She has a true talent for character development and it always sucks to become so attached to something and then never get any sort of resolution. I hope she revisits the story somewhere down the line because I’d love to see where she was going to take it.