Love on fire? Feature story

Is this new?
Those who have it what are ur thoughts?


I think so

Yeah, it is.


…another cliche hypersexual story awesome…


Hmmm…Even in 2019 there’s no diverse originalty

  • I haven’t read the story and to be honest, I won’t

  • How many other romance game shows are on the app?

  • The idea/description sounds like a remake of “Haute as Hell” (Both stories I have not read)

Am I the only one that sees it?

  • I don’t see this story on the app, probably on beta testing

This looks fun… if not for the gem choices that will inevitably prevent me from living

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Interesting, I found this old thread and perhaps you are part of like a second round of testing?


Yeah whatever happened to this story? It still shows up for me but hasn’t been updated in forever, and the episode logos been taken off of it?

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Same i forgot about it until u said something

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Are you able to send a link to this game? I was playing and think somehow I accidentally deleted it or something… It will not even come up in a search

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