Love poem poetry. Contest

Write a love poem all forms poetry accept your love poem can be fictional or non-fiction
It can be humorous or serious
the choice is yours but must clearly be love poem
Contest prizes

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Cool can you send me the details please

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My Love Poem:

I went to the mall for a smoothie
But then came across a guy who made me woozy
We talked all day and all night
He told me he’d always be by my side, no matter what human or creature he has to fight,
My affection for him runs deep,
I always think about him in my sleep
This handsome dude has consumed my soul
And put hearts in my eyes no Snapchat filter could
One day, he pleads to me about his low income and limited money
Being sick in love, I help my honey
We rob a bank and throw anyone who gets in the way to the side
We’re like Bonnie and Clyde
Two lovers caught in a world of crime
Forever in love, passionate about our new life

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I suck at love lol but I made this up on the spot and i don’t have Snapchat, if it has the heart filter, cool but I meant more like actually being in love (those cartoon shows where people have hearts in their eyes after they see their dreamy crush) :joy: :two_hearts:


You are good with peom


Thanks :blush: :blob_hearts:


I am working on the contest prizes I am good with contest not with code

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You welcome😊

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My love poem:

Hijiko’s love poem ☺️

Your foolishness and excess
I so wished they would keep me away
And yet I stayed
And now I know there’s nothing to regret
Our history has been tied up
Like the threads of destiny themselves
I’ll take you dancing wherever you want it to be, wherever you dream
it is my heart that follows yours
and I fear that our souls never cease to join them
They speak of soul mates as we speak of the good weather
As if there was nothing simpler Nothing truer, nothing more anchored than this timeless love
That is felt by the lucky ones
And yet I was lost
Drowning in my feelings and in the fear of yours
I wanted to run, to hide, to fade away
But at the end of all the ways you were waiting for me
And it is all my being that throbs at the thought of making yours vibrate
And that our two bodies answered this unexpected call
Is what makes me wake up in the morning
How I had never imagined this could happen
And even less that it would at all
Kills me now on the inside
As everything without you would be hard
And I’ve been a fool not to see that
They say love comes with butterflies in the stomach
Yet this is my head that you are constantly filling
And this hole in my heart that I didn’t even know I had
Until you came into my life
And crashed down all the things I thought I knew
Only to replace them with all the things I want to learn
And this starts with learning how to love you.


If you want can write one for me if you can help me write a poem do the poem contest @Hijiko

I am wait on you help me out.

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