Love romance with Christian and Charlotte 💙

He love her so much that the thought of losing her was terrible If he didn’t tell her now he could loose he forever time passes they had gone on few dates and more romantic nights They are both madly in love .present time they are dating it’s hard to trust some one like him thought the reality seems fake why to Charlotte. Charlotte doesn’t understand how he could love her. They have a few fights Christian decided to sleep with another woman and then Charlotte make up with him without knowing what he has done. Latter the girl he did this with call and Charlotte answers she then hates Christian and after a few years she decided she can’t at look at him anymore .so she moves later time passes and she meets some one or she could end up forgiving him and they get married.

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I love hot guys they are cute

Oh okay. But I don’t get what’s the point of this topic, do you mind explaining?


Love romance with Christian and Charlotte

K I’m confused, could you add more about it?

can you send me the link to your episode story?

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Yes Christian and Charlotte fall in love each they go date together. Christian are a good man to be with when fall in love. Charlotte him Charlotte love him Christian they go eat and date to…love romantic Christian and Charlotte. I am try do right ok I have learn disability ok.some people need help.

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I can help, but i need the link to your episode story.

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I can help
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Christian is a hot guy. He falls in love with Charlotte. Your lips are so soft and red the the thought of kissing you is stuck in his head. You’re beautiful, so bright, and warm shining thought the darkest storm your eyes sparks like stars in the night sky. When he stares into them, he feels like he’s am sooring high. Christian’s love for her is pure and true, he never stops thinking of Charlotte, the sound of her voice saying “I love you” makes his heart pound become he knew he’d truly found his one and only. Christian went back told Charlotte that he love her.

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Can you help add more to this

More details? It’s seems pretty good detailed to me :sweat_smile: if you’re looking for a writing partner I’m not good at that. @itsurgirlAnastasia were you interested helping out bc I have to go in a few

This story want to do

Yes can you link me to her please

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