Love stories and what I hate so much about them I want to throw my computer chair on my closet door

1: My… whatever this is called, is not directed towards Episode alone. It’s directed towards all authors and shit.

2: This is my opinion, I will be complaining alot. Don’t agree with my stance? Well, fuck off, because it’s my opinion.

So. I was reading a story on Wattpad. Boy’s love story, because that’s my current phase. No offense to the author of the story, but… I hate the vibe. Evidently, there’s no laws in that world. like wtf, 16 year olds can go in to a fucking bar and get drunk without reprimand. I also hate in the sequel the ship just dies. I stopped reading, didn’t even bother to read anymore. That shit is a real turn-off.

My second part, every story I see either is or has a fucking cliche. I admit, I’ve done it before. But when I started to get violently tired of reading stories like that, I started to develop my characters more. A tip to the authors: Cliches are big turn offs. Don’t use them.

I would add more, but I’ve been writing this thing for at least 30 minutes, trying to figure out how to say what I wanna say. Sooo… Anyone who wants to talk bout it, feel free to start a conversation in the comments. But no drama. Because drama is also a turn-off… Yeah, I hate drama in stories too. (Just make them original and wholesome and I’ll love you forever)

Edit: I just wanted to make something clear I feel weird about after posting; arguments in stories are normal. I mean, I wanna make a story based on my sister and brother-in-law’s relationship; how they met, where they are now… the turn that scared me is that they begun to fight alot. All relationships include arguments, but not ones so big they’re like a broken light-bulb, continuously flicking on and off. My sis and her husband got help for their problems and are now working to better their lives and relationships.


There were multiple bars I could get into at 16, I was young and cute, I don’t know the circumstances of that story but out of context it doesn’t sound that unrealistic. I think cliches can be useful, everything has cliche or archetypal elements, they’re only a problem when they’re used ineffectively or the writer never moves passed them in the narrative. What do you mean by drama? Stories need drama, they need stakes and conflict, no drama would be boring and pointless and completely unrealistic. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

  • I guess I haven’t been around bars and clubs that much, or gossip for that matter :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Yeah, sometimes cliche’s can be useful, you’re right… I guess what I meant was the “I fell in love with a bad boy/girl” or “I fell in love with the popular boy/girl” cliche’s.
  • Drama as in like… I dunno, yanderes? People being in love with MC/LI and hurting one of them to have the other… Ridiculously dramatic storylines or characters… And tru, even my sister and brother-in-law’s relationship has drama, but they never had to deal with one of Ashley or Neil’s crazy ex’s coming out of nowhere and kidnapping them :woman_shrugging:
  • I’d rather not say, but I was raised more mature than my age, probably because I was around family that was at least 15-20 years older than me.

I guess I’m just mostly talking out of my ass cos I’m pissed off because I can’t find a love story that is wholesome and cute but still feels real with the typical family fights but they all make up and I root for the MC instead of seeing him/her as a total douchebag. :stuck_out_tongue: Good points you made tho


While there are some solid writers on sites like Wattpad, most of them are kids who are just starting out, have no idea what they’re doing, and while they probably have a lot of potential their writing is terrible right now. I like a gritty story, cute is boring to me, so I can’t really relate to that desire but I get what you mean about wading through garbage and being frustrated because you can’t find anything you like. I wasn’t trying to age flex on you or anything or imply immaturity, it just seems like you’re at a point in your life where you’re rapidly growing passed the things you used to like and now everything seems like trash, that I can relate to.

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I swear, with all the cliche stories i have read, i am allergic to cliche :persevere::rage:


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